London Balance Festival Vlog

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO Hello Hello! Have you ever heard of the London Balance Festival? Have you been debating going but aren't sure what to expect- so you just miss the window and say you'll do it "next year"? Yeah, that's what I used to do too. Balance is one big fat weekend of everything and anything WELLNESS! … Continue reading London Balance Festival Vlog

Habits for a Happier Planet

Hello and Happy Saturday! A NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO just went live on my channel! For a while now I've been becoming increasingly aware of the desperate state of our planet and how OUR habits have played such a big part in that state! It's something I can't ignore anymore and so I've decided to step … Continue reading Habits for a Happier Planet

It’s My Blogs 1st Birthday!

365 Days of being a Blog Mum! It's Tuesday 21st May and it's officially Where's Jordan Now's 1st Birthday! Exactly one year ago today, I clicked "Publish" and sent my very first blog post into the cyber world for judgement! I'd set the website up weeks before but it took me a little while to muster the guts, overcome the nervous butterflies and press go... & lemme tell ya...those … Continue reading It’s My Blogs 1st Birthday!

7 Year Old Plans My Meals for a Day!

Eating What Miya Tells Me To! Helloooo and Happy Tuesday Do you ever find yourself eyeing up your kids/younger siblings/friends children's food, secretly envious? Yeah I though so... ME TOO! Chicken dippers, cheese and tomato pizza...even a simple ham sandwich with a bag of crisps! After years of doing my best at being a health … Continue reading 7 Year Old Plans My Meals for a Day!