Thanks for joining me!

I’m Jordan, a 27 year old pineapple head- brand new to the blogging scene.

This blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now but…you know how it can be… fighting the whole “self-doubt” thing.


I currently live in LONDON BABY!

Adventuring and tracking down the cutest and quirkiest spots wherever I go has become quite an obsession of mine- which in turn has proven very useful for many around me, seeking tips and advice on said quirkiness! This brings me pure joy and I just couldn’t NOT spread it further.

So…here it is.

My new little corner of the cyber world- a place for me to share all of the little things that make me happy in life (and hopefully- YOU TOO!)

Ben Nevis- Scotland

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If I haven’t bored you already and you want to read more about me HERE YA GO!

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