Fathers Day Weekend


From Fairy Trails to Liquid Spinach (with a sprinkle of unicorn)

I’m a big sister (bias comment coming up)…

…to the cutest, kindest and smartest meatball in all the land!

My 6-year-old sidekick is a little bucket of happiness and spending time with her fills my soul with infinite goodness.


She never tires and always wants to spend her time with me or get involved in whatever I’m doing (usually taking a genuine interest in it too) but sometimes she’s just too go go go for me and I feel guilty that I can’t always keep up with her.

However ironic as it is, at the exact same time she’s also just the person to bring calmness to my sometimes anxious and overactive mind.

If I’m having a bad day I can check myself in for some Miya therapy and I always feel whole again on the other side!

Due to our 21 year age gap I am often confused as her Mum when we’re out and although that may not be the case, I definitely find myself keeping an eye out for anything child friendly so that she can join in on the fun wherever possible!

Which leads me nicely into the first little chunk of our fathers day weekend…

Parents of Essex…

AUDLEY END! (Miniature Railway)



Easter! Halloween! Christmas! Fairies! Teddies! Mermaids! Pirates! Unicorns! Arts & Crafts!

This place has it all!

Any occasion (any excuse) and me and my family are packing a picnic and on our way back to this lovely little spot just outside of Saffron Walden!

Fathers Day was no exception!





They really have managed to cram anything “cute as a button” into one place and it’s a delight eeeeeevery time!

The Fairy Trail Alone is Worth a Visit! 



Spot the frog!



CLICK HERE to check out their website!

Picnic Pleasures

Although I’m always up for a bit of fine dining, one of my favourite things in life is a BUFFET as I love to pick!


Prepared (and excited) for Saturdays picnic hamper I only had a small bowl of bran flakes for breakfast and although I made sure I had high protein sandwich fillings and a good helping of the fruit and veggies alongside my party food, I definitely fancied some freshness for dinner…


..and balance was restored!

Laid With Love

A friend of mines Mother Dearest is the proud owner of four of the best named chickens on the planet (Roma, Bluebell, Princess Leia and Kim Kardashi-Hen) and as I’m always hearing how yummy freshly laid eggs are I managed to grab myself half a dozen!

A lovely little way to kick off my Sunday morning!

Vicarage Eggs

They were soooo good with my bagel and eggs, however I did neglect my “five a day” and when I got home I was craving some MICROS.

I’d be lying if I said I LOVE vegetables, my relationship with greens is more of a “business” one but nourishing my body with vitamins and minerals in (almost) every meal is a habit I’ve managed to incorporate into my daily life and THAT, I do love.

I kind of go through phases of being really on it- breakfast, lunch and dinner (BROCCOLI WITH EVERYTHING!) to finding it a total chore and wanting to rebel!

Luckily I have a great hack for getting the good stuff in even when you’re not feeling the greens…


Whether I’m struggling with micro motivation or time is simply against me and my spinach expiration dates, smoothies are my favourite way to inject some goodness into the system and use up what’s in the fridge!


I threw the last sorry-looking handful of spinach I had into a blender with an ugly ass (on its way out) banana, whizzed it up with some ice and orange juice and VIOALA!

A smoothie fit for Popeye alongside my greek yog and berries before swanning out for a curry with Dad!


The Little Things

I thought I would finish off by sharing a few little finds that added to this weekends wonderfulness!

Miya and I recently had a conversation in Asda on our way to the check-outs with some Mr Kipling Unicorn cake slices, about how unicorns help to sell anything! And let’s be honest, they really do!
ALLLL the rainbow/mermaid/unicorn vibes! Thank you ONCE AGAIN to Audley End for even more cuteness!
What was I just saying?

I think we can safely say that the year of the unicorn is upon us…



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