£7 for Afternoon Tea!?!!

“Where There’s Tea, There’s Hope”



Anyone who’s been sucked into reading this post because they share the same addiction as me will know just what an expensive addiction it is to have.

These days you can easily find yourself forking out a good £50/60 for High Tea and that’s BEFORE service charge! (especially in London)

SO…as you can imagine I was gobsmacked when I found out how much me and Mum had paid for our lovely little pre-theatre afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie a few weekends ago!

Thanks to Living Social we were able to enjoy 3 tiers of afternoon deliciousness with endless tea and coffee for only £7 each (normally priced at £25 for two)

Mum went through Living Social to purchase a ‘£19 for two’ voucher (which can now be purchased on Groupon) and THEN had a further £5 credit gifted to her account which we were allowed to use on the existing offer! Happy day!

It was just too good to NOT share!

For the Patisserie Valerie Offer CLICK HERE 

I’m already excited for you! 🙂

IMG_20180705_134127Ps I thought I’d finish with a couple of little hacks I find help with keeping the #balance when Afternoon Teaing in London, so here they are:

  • Have a light, low carbs breakfast that’s high in protein and micros (for example I had a big bowl of Greek yoghurt with some fruit) then a dinner bursting with nutrients.  Just because I know that high tea is always carb-elicious, I like knowing I’ve got some protein down me before the carb-fest and then ending the day with goodness.

  • Head in early or get off a few train stops before you need to and get walking! After all what better motivation for hitting your step goal than afternoon tea at the finish line?!

and lastly

  • Drink plenty of water because… ya know #drinkmorewater …always

Ps ps sharing’s caring- I’d love to hear of any of YOUR favourite afternoon tea finds that don’t break the bank!


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