Dreamy Dalloway Terrace!

Sunday is BRUNCH Day


Once upon a Sunny Sunday morning two tired, hungry women caught an early Epping train and made their way to Tottenham Court Road in search of magical, floral, French-esque brunching paradise…

Two delayed trains, one stressful bus journey and a power walk later, they finally arrived! (35 minutes late!)

Hot, flustered (also worried they would be denied their table due to the usual lateness policy) they anxiously made their way through the secret garden like doorway and were welcomed into a relaxed and air-conned, blooming terrace.


Kindly, they were shown to their table… and everything that followed quickly lead to them forgetting allllllll about the earlier stresses of the day.


Dalloway Terrace…you were delicious!

From the moment we were sat down and told to “sit back and relax now” I was a happy bruncher!

Eager for refreshment, we ordered a Hazelnut Iced Coffee and a Iced Mint Tea which went down nicely and were verrrrry needed!

Anyway… getting down to business…



I went for the egg white omelette with spinach, chai seeds and mushrooms…

My date had the smoked salmon and creme fraiche with Guinness bread…

Then finally, we decided to share a stack of blueberry buttermilk pancakes with lemon curd to finish us off!

(All three impressed)

We started with healthy, nutritious savoury options, followed it with a bit of fun to satisfy our sweet tooth and both left full and content, with smiles on our faces and our first balanced meal of the day well and truly nailed!

So… as I’m sure you’ve already guessed I would definitely recommend this little spot.

Service, great!

Food, yummy!

Interior, instagrammable AF!


Relaxed atmosphere…

And lovely enough to let us in half an hour late!

I mean, come on…it’s no wonder you have to book 2 weeks in advance…



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