Journal Therapy


” In the Journal I am at Ease” – Anaïs Nin

One of #thelittlethings I’ve added into my daily routine is trying to make a habit of putting aside 10-15 minutes to journal.

Inspired by her self care book HAPPY, I not only moved onto read CALM but also got myself the HAPPY Journal by Fearne Cotton and all three of them have genuinely done something for and to me.


I’m not quite sure what that something is but it’s a lovely something that continues to encourage me to be mindful everyday, finding joy in the NOW.


The HAPPY Journal is such a nice way to allow my mind to breathe and forces me to recognise the things I’m really bloody grateful for on days I let the negatives consume me and struggle to see all of the goodness in life.


I’m a pretty anxious person but…

Whether it’s with my morning coffee- setting me up in a good mindset for the day…

On an evening- putting the breaks on my 100mph thoughts…

OR even just on days that I’m desperate for some positivity and need an escape…

This little book helps me to find calm every time and I can literally feel that fire in the pit of my stomach slowly extinguishing as I fill it’s pages.


To grab yourself a Happy Journal CLICK HERE

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