Popeye Pancakes Part 2

Popeye Pancakes Savoury Sister

I had a pretty proud moment with Miya last week (my 6 year old sister who’s usually fussy with veg)…

She ran downstairs before bed and asked me if I would make her Popeye Pancakes for breakfast again the next morning…

Sadly, we had no spinach left but I told her that we did have the ingredients to make regular pancakes if she’d prefer.

I could tell she didn’t want to be rude but she just kind of did this little disappointed mouth tilt and said “Maybe just remember to pick up some spinach after work tomorrow? ” and I couldn’t help but smile, it makes me so happy that she’s open to trying these little things with me but even happier knowing that it’s a choice she would now rather make for herself.

Whether it’s just her way of entertaining me or not…she’s usually responsible for many of #thelittlethings that make up the joy in my day… and since this one was one that benefits her too, I wanted to share it 🙂

HOWEVER that wasn’t the only thing I wanted to share!

Annoyingly, after picking up some spinach (as requested)…that next morning I realised we didn’t have any bananas left! So bloody typical!


We decided to make a Popeye Omelette instead and it went down very well!

So well that it got me thinking of every person who had been in touch to tell me they wanted to give the Popeye Pancakes a go.

I thought… well that was a bit easier and quicker than trying to ration out and flip pancakes during the morning rush! Also anyone who might be more of a savoury kinda guy or gal might appreciate this little idea too!

So here you have it…

I put our eggs and some extra egg whites in the blender as usual with a handful of spinach and whizzed it all up…

Poured it in the pan, added our filling of choice (ham and cheese) and boom…

So sorry for the rubbish photo quality! I had to try and screen shot my Instagram Story videos! Click the link below to see them in action!


Popeye Omelette!

“Oooh these look cool, even greener than the last ones”- Miya


I don’t really eat cooked spinach if I can help it as the slimy texture makes me cringe, I’m Team Raw so I’d normally just throw some on the side of my meals or avoid having it completely (just like Miya)…

But mixing it into the eggs was a nice change!

Sure one of the biggest things that brings me joy here is that I can sneak the goodness into Miya’s diet AND she enjoys it… but in this case into my own too!

I’ve even moved on to scrambling!


There’s just no stopping me!

Give it a go and let me know if you enjoy it as much as me!






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