I’m an Auntie!



“A baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities” – Eda J LeShan

After 26 years of being honorary “Auntie Jordan” to many of my favourite people’s little cream puffs, the time came for my younger brother/nugget head to welcome his very own little chunk of love onto planet earth.

On the 10th of July at 10:07pm 2018… Trinity Gallagher decided she was ready for the world and took us all by surprise almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Not only were Mummy and Daddy unprepared for the early arrival but I myself had no idea of the overwhelming joy that was about to completely consume me.

It had never felt real to me…

The announcement 8 months ago…crazy yet …just words.

The first scan picture…unbelievable yet…just a blurry little picture.

And then the next scan and the next!

The baby shower…

Even Kat’s ever growing bump…

Proof right in front of my eyes… but it still just didn’t feel real!


He’s my LITTLE brother…

He loves… gaming into the early hours and he loves buying too many trainers, he just takes life as it comes, un-phased and seems to love making us all wonder what the bloody hell he’s going to do next.

Despite his ability to NOT, I worried for him everyday. He still needed to figure out what he wanted in life, I thought.

But when I finally sat back and all of the worries finally shut the hell up…

He LOVED Kat and…he LOVED that blurry little photo…and I could see that, I could feel it.

This is what he wanted….

And then…

On the 11th of July around 7:00pm 2018…

…Trinity Gallagher was REAL.


The hospital curtain was pulled back and there she was… completely and undeniably real.


Perfect in EVERY way.

Pure, innocent and 25% me!

And the moment I held her I loved her- I loved all three of them so much I could’ve burst.


She was like a shot of happiness and I already couldn’t wait to be there for her for the rest of forever!

Laying there so untroubled, clueless to the fact she’s the birth of new beginnings and responsibility… and I’m not just talking about for Kat and Ryan…


Any part of me that felt empty before, was now full to the brim and after an hour in that stuffy anti-natal ward my entire life was put into perspective.

Anything that may have been paining me on the way into the hospital that day, anything I had been holding onto …meeting her cut me free from it all and everything suddenly seemed so much clearer.


She makes me excited to wake up that little bit more each day, with a whole new life to love and simply remembering she’s here makes my heart feel peaceful.


I couldn’t be prouder of Kat and Ryan -they have slotted her and her bunny feet into their lives with complete ease and were evidentially made to be this baby girls parents.


The three of them…they just work…. and it’s so lovely to see.

And being around it… everything just feels GOOD.


I’m truly thankful to them.

Not only for creating something so beautiful … but for making it possible and giving me the power to sign this post off as…

Totally smitten…

Totally overjoyed…

…and totally AUTHENTIC…

Auntie Jordan x
















4 thoughts on “I’m an Auntie!

  1. I remember that picture of u and Ryan as children it’s was always one of my favourites ……. I was and always will be your honorary auntie and look forward to meeting Trinity soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

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