Happy Birthday to Me!

 July 27th


I love birthdays (especially my own) and I can’t deny it!

I’ve never  been able to relate with people who hate to celebrate their birthday or fear the idea of getting older…or at least I’m not one of those people YET lol.

For me life is all about the little things- injecting a tiny dose of joy into someone else’s day when they need it most or even just because.

I’ll be the first to admit that at times I can be a selfish human being but one thing I also know is that doing something for someone else, giving or showing a little bit of thoughtfulness in hopes it might brighten or even MAKE someone’s day or week…

That’s as good as it gets for me…

Whether it’s an email or text, a postcard or some form of meaningful toot.

I know what BIG power something so SMALL can hold, so if I can give or do that for someone…I will.

Therefore… if ever I’m on the receiving end of such loveliness I honestly couldn’t be more grateful.

In those moments I think you can really see the truth in…“You’re not rich in life until you have something that money can’t buy”.

And my birthday this year was definitely one of those moments for me in terms of realising this and feeling rich in life!

Not because I did lots of fun things and got so many meaningful gifts… (that was just a cherry on top)

Miya’s personalised wrapping paper was one of my absolute favourite things about my birthday this year. I just didn’t want to get rid of it! Lucky for me..when I told her that she kindly sellotaped it to my mirror!!! and I haven’t had the heart to take it down yet so…this little slice of joy just keeps on giving! lol

But because of the people I have around me and how they make me feel with all of the love that filled my birthday cards and the rainbows, unicorns, pineapples and positive vibes that they surrounded me with!


It meant the world to me and I was left feeling totally smitten with life and so thankful for everyone in mine! 🙂







Here’s what I got up to…

First stop…BRUNCH!

I chose London Grind as my Birthday Brunch spot this year for TWO reasons…

ONE– When I Googled “Child friendly brunch spots” it was on the list.


TWO– It’s was very nicely placed only a short walk away from the next stop on our itinerary that day!


Oh and because of its Instagramable exposed brick walls and neon signs DUR…


Here we have…

Beetroot Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toast, a Full Breakfast, Strawberry and Coconut Pancake Stack and Wild Mushroom Hash.

The Hash was mine and OH MY GOD YES! YUM!


Although the restaurant is child friendly they didn’t have a kids menu so Miya just mix and matched a few sides to create her own mini full breakfast and shared the pancakes with me and Mum!

CLICK HERE to check them out

Fed and watered, we made our way on a lovely walk along the river to find stop no. 2 on the BIRTHDAY ITINERARY! (one that has been on my touristy bucket list for some time now)

Tower Bridge Experience



Learning of the making and history of the bridge was incredible and being able to walk above the London traffic and Thames was pretty awesome too.






We also made sure we headed over the road to the engine room and checked out how the bridge used to operate way back when!


CLICK HERE to grab YOUR tickets


Now of course…no carefully planned out day in LONDON (or anywhere for that matter) would be complete without a spot of tea!


SO next stop…


After a few hours of exploring Tower Bridge and the sunny streets of London we’d worked our appetites back up just in time for AFTERNOON TEA!



Oop and a few more neon signs- thank ya very much!



All of this including prosecco cost us only £29.95 between two thanks to THIS GREAT OFFER on Living Social.

Our Final Destination

Our last stop of the night was The London Palladium to see The King and I 


Me and Miya watched the DVD a few days before to get us in the mood and I’m so glad we did because she was ready and waiting for the songs, singing and bopping along to Shall We Dance and Getting to Know You!


It was just the best to be able to include her in the whole day.

Birthday mornings in our house are super special to us and Miya is always so excited and enthusiastic to get right in the thick of it…


Preparing the breakfast in bed…

Blowing up balloons…

Wrestling with party poppers…

Even opening our presents for us lol…


The last few years I’ve been so caught up in making all these lovely plans to visit quirky cocktail bars and fancy brunch spots that I forget they aren’t always exactly “Miya friendly” … Then it’s too late to try and bring her along when I finally realise WTF I’ve done!

The day would come and she’d be next to me in bed, passing me my cards one by one, taking a genuine interest in every single word…and suddenly I’d remember I’m not spending my day with her and it would hurt my heart a little.

I think it’s because in the last 2 or 3 years she’s really came into herself and is at an age where she can enjoy things with us- and she really does love all the things we love…and I love THAT!

This year I didn’t want to be driving up the road looking at her through the wing mirror… stood at the front door (usually in nothing but a pair or knickers with her little belly out) waving me off.

I wanted her there for it all!


so she was…


And although tired, on the train home- as we sang the same King and I lines over and over together, I was happy..

…so so happy 🙂










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