Alton Towers!

Alex’s 11th Birthday

After a lovely little day in Stratford-Upon-Avon we carried on with the last leg of our journey to Alton Towers! (well…to a hotel in Uttoxeter about 20 minutes away from the resort) to get a good night sleep ready for a day of thrill seeking!

Although it was grey and rainy for most of the day, it didn’t ruin our fun.

We were all well prepared with our rain macs and if anything it worked in our favour because the park wasn’t half as busy as is it normally is!

Now I must admit, I was starting to think I was going off theme parks the older I got but once we were there the adrenalin junkie inside of me was BACK!

I had a bit of a mare with my phone so I wasn’t able to take many photos but I did manage to get a few between enjoying time with my family.


This wonderfully colourful building in Cuckoo Land was just too fun to NOT get an Instapic!
Alton Towers brand new ride opened this year- The Wicker Man!

I just had to get a photo of the parks newest ride The Wicker Man!

It was super impressive to look at, made of wood with “fire” crackling away from within and generating smoke as we queued to be sacrificed in order for the Wicker Man to “rise again”.

The build up was awesome!

And the ride itself was insane!

It kind of reminded me of a wooden, rickety runaway train type rollercoaster…and IT WAS SO FRIGGIN FAST!

The Granny in me couldn’t understand how it was able to go so fast without coming off of it’s tracks! (still went on again though) AWESOOOOOOME!!




A shot of the Birthday boy on the Sky Ride!


In an effort to get extra steps in and check out the parks stunning gardens and grounds we decided to take the longer and more scenic route between park sections and came across this pretty Chinese pagoda.

Our last big ride of the day was The Smiler, it had been closed for most of the day but right before close it opened again and we were able to tick the last ride off our list!

By this time we were all damp from the rain with achy feet and the rollercoaster headache was starting to kick in (sorry brain)…

We found our daily dose of rainbow- thanks to The Smiler! 🙂


River Rapids 2018

Miya was off most of the time soaking up everything Cbeebies Land had to offer as we hit all the Thrill Rides but we all made sure to meet up for a go on the River Rapids together before home time!

It really was a rainy Sunday well spent 🙂

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