A Gluten & Dairy Free Day in London

No Gluten? No Problem!


When me and my cousin Megan decided to grab a couple of tickets to head to the West End and see Book of Mormon, I was so excited!

And as always, the moment I received that conformation e-mail I had already started to mentally plan our itinerary for the day!

Researching what was nearby and trying to narrow down somewhere for dinner, I couldn’t wait to put together a fun and food packed day for us to enjoy!

However…on this particular day I had a bit of a challenge on my hands, one that actually (thank you London) didn’t turn out to be much of a challenge at all!

You see…Megans…one of them…


She doesn’t eat Gluten OR Dairy...and for a second I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to show her as much of a good time as I could any of my less restricted friends or family!

But let me tell you, I WAS WRONG!

It turns out I was pretty spoiled for choice…

Here’s how our day rolled out!

Meg and Alex (birthday boy from the Alton Towers blog) went to RIDE THE SLIDE at Queen Elizabeth Olympics Park!

Stratford Olympic Park- ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide

Me and Miya waited at the bottom (as I’ve already done the slide so I was on meatball watch).


Then me and Megan made our way to dinner at…

NICHE  (Gluten-free Dining)


Not only was Niche one big Instagram/Interior dream…but with a completely gluten free menu with plenty of dairy free options Megan was well and truly catered for…


Two Rose Lemonades please!



Meg had the Smokey Burger and I had the Wild Mushroom Gnocchi...

And although I can’t speak for Megan my Gnocchi was AMAZING- I would definitely recommend this restaurant even to non free-fromers!


Onto dessert…



Natural, healthy AND free from…

Not so fun fact (for the free-fromers)- apparently dairy free yoghurt doesn’t freeze!

So although Megan and her fellow free from family would love some froyo fo’ themselves- they can’t!

THIS…I think explains the cheese on Megans face!

Ice-cream, frozen yoghurt and all of the sauces and toppings were dairy and gluten free!


I had matcha froyo, topped with blueberries a jam ring and sprinkles…


Meg had cookies and cream ice-cream topped with caramel sauce, popcorn, an oreo and sprinkles!

They were both very yummy- being free from definitely didn’t mean they lacked in any way and we were fully satisfied and ready for a bit of THE-ATRE!

The Prince of Wales Royal Theatre

Which was also VERY good.

I don’t know what is it but I always get emotional at the theatre- it doesn’t even have to be a particularly emotional or sad moment but a good old bit of singing can hit and get me welling up pretty easily!

However lol…

This was not something I had a problem with at The Book of Mormon!

I went in blind, never having read the book or even read up on the show at all really… and boy was I (pleasantly) surprised!

It was so outrageous that I half couldn’t believe what I was watching most of the time, with LOTS of wince worthy moments…

Having said that the show flew by, I was having so much fun! And it was a nice change up from the tear jerkers.

The only tears going on in that joint will have been from laughter!

The hardcore Book of Mormon fan waiting outside stage door

Oh and a little tip if planning to go…we called the venue for our tickets directly and got them for practically half the price of what we found online!

And there we have it!

Me and Meg live rather far away from one another so I loved spending some quality time with her and I’m already excited for the next one! 🙂










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