Loveliness of Late

Erm yeah… so basically… I just wanted to show you a few of the little things that have made me smile recently.

So there.

Super cute mini bouquets outside of a shop in London.
Discovering LUSH Bath Oils- I’m a big LUSH gal anyway but I’ve only ever REALLY gone for bath bombs and bubble bars, however these little babies are just the sweetest and SO luxurious. New addiction to the list fo sho’
The tallest rainbow cake I ever did see! At first glance I admittedly thought  wow that’s a very big cake…but it’s a bit…boring (sorry Kat). BUT as soon as it was cut open I ate my words right UP! Rainbows for the win!
My little sister Miya is just so thoughtful and this is just one example of how. It’s not unusual for me to get up at the weekend to find she’s decorated the table in preparation for brunch and this morning in-particular was just so rainbow/blog-tastic it had to get a mention.
Aaaaaaah! Unicorn, rainbow, pineapple, lama ADORABLENESS alert!!! Mum and Miya found these little lunch boxes on sale in Matalan and honestly I almost wanted to hug them they’re so firggin cute.
Pretty notepads- this ones a bit of a mixture…one was yet ANOTHER Matalan find (thanks Mum) and the other- a birthday present! (shout out Danielle). My new love for journaling will see these two filled to the brim. Keeping the Blogtastic vibes’a comin’ 🙂
Oh and obviously Miya got one to match…
Pocket sized self care! I’ve been wanting for a while now. Long story short, my brother suggested it to me forever ago and I read a page of his. My Mum has one- which she said she would find for me ages ago… then when she finally did, I stole it…only for her to steal it back to take on holiday a few days later! It just wasn’t meant to be…. BUT it turns out an angel named Sophie heard my prayers and for my birthday- gifted me my very own little book! She didn’t even know I’d been wanting it so it really did make me happy to think she’d seen it and thought of me :). Gotta love our Soph!


As you can probably tell by now I’m a total sucker for meaningful toot, this little lady is no exception! She’s a Guatemalan Worry Doll- gifted to me and Miya by Mother Dearest. According to legend- if you tell your troubles to a Guatamalan worry doll, then place it under your pillow…your worries will be gone by the morning. Funnily enough the day I got her I had been having disagreements with a family member and it was making me quite anxious. I woke up the next morning and said to Miya (who was my roommate that night) that I was anxious to check my phone and see the reply. I checked the phone and all was fine so I just laughed it off telling Miya “I was just being silly”. Assuming she hadn’t really understood what the worry doll was and that she didn’t want to hear my boring adult drama I didn’t expect much from her but.. she turned to me and said “You should have put the worry doll under my pillow shouldn’t you” and once AGAIN melted my heart. I have since tried this little trick out a couple of times and whether it’s just a silly keyring and some colourful material or not- it make’s me feel better. Thanks again Mum 🙂





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