5 Greek Yoghurt HACKS!


If you’re lucky enough to be a lover of Greek Yoghurts naturally sour taste, then you are one lucky Mother Funker!

Because I…am NOT!

You’ll always find it somewhere in most recommended food plans…


  • Low in sugar
  • High in protein
  • Full of good fats (there are fat free options available of course but I’m a full fat gal every time!)

And pretty much just a great all-round wholefood to include into your diet….

And for all of those reasons I WANT to like it.

BUT THAT TASTE… it completely bursts my bubble!

It almost tastes like tangy cheese and I really struggle to eat it!

However…if you were to see my shopping basket each week or check out my Instagram Story, you’d call me a liar because I’m always eating the stuff!

Not because I just suck it up for the nutritional benefits (which I have done in the past-putting me off some foods for good AND ruining mealtimes for myself)…

BUT because I have picked up a couple of simple hacks (simple yet complete life changers to the Greek Yoghurt game) that have enabled me to not only stomach the taste… but ENJOY it!

I recently spoke about this with a friend of mine who doesn’t really like it either BUT wanted to try- just like me…and as I made suggestions to her I figured –what the hell, I’ll throw it on the blog!

So here ya go…



Pure sweetness that not even the sourness of Greek yog can cover. This beautiful, sticky and NATURAL sweetener is a winner every time! So before you do whatever it is you plan to do (whether it’s adding your favourite fruits or whacking a dollop on top of your pancakes)…simply mix in a lil honey, hunnie!

2. SQUASH the sour!

These little things are great, there are plenty of flavours to choose from and even though they can put you back £3/4 they last ages!


So quick, easy AND convenient- this little trick makes a big difference! One or two squirts will transform a big old bowl of Greek Yoghurt from a chore into a pleasure and leave you with flavoured yoghurt of your choice. They’re great for if you’re wanting more of a sugar free sweetener too.





That’s right- more mixing, only this time in powder form. Simply add a scoop of your favourite flavour protein powder, stir it all up, add any extras and enjoy! I first tried this with caramel flavoured protein powder (in the above photo I used chocolate) and I swear to god it reminds me of angel delight or something! I mean…I haven’t ACTUALLY had angel delight in forever so I apologise if that was a bad example but it definitely made for a very yummy/creamy/high protein/dessert type dish! And hey if you’re not a supplement fan you could simply just throw some cocoa powder in for a chocolate pudding-esque fun time!

4. It’s all about texture!

I think it’s really good to get creative and think of how much goodness you can pack into your bowl instead of just trying to sweeten and get through it. Load it up with a bit of fruit, a sprinkle of nuts or seeds (or both), granola, or just a crumbled up snack or protein bar OR even like I said in no.1 use it as a pancake topping. Whatever you want! Not only for the added nutrients and flavour but because if there’s a lot going on it balances out the texture and hopefully you don’t feel you’ve got lots of the same boring stuff and want to “get it over with” …but you’ve turned it into something lovely that you look forward to eating!


5. Savoury Tooth

This photo was taken a while ago but I pretty much just poured a load of garlic/chilli/paprika flakes and mixed it up before pairing it with my salmon instead of mayo!

So…all of my above ideas may be great for a sweet tooth BUT if you’re more of a savoury guy or gal- then your fridge has a place for Greek Yoghurt too! For the exact reason I don’t find it too easy to eat as a sweet dish, it makes for the perfect savoury condiment! Just add a little seasoning and/or sauce and you can turn it into a flavoured mayo for “on the side” of whatever you’re having. It also makes a great fajita filling in place of sour cream, only much higher in protein!

I plan to do a second part to this post with more ideas of how to PIMP YOUR YOGHURT BOWL!

But for now, give these a go and please do let me know how you get on/what you think!

Enjoy! 😎

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