Exploring Sandringham Estate

Hello hello…

Do you wanna see some b-e-a-UTIFUL lil snaps of Sandringham Estate?

Of course you do!

So let’s get on with it…

We visited Kings Lynn in Norfolk a few weekends back to meet up with our grandparents who were caravanning there (shout out caravan club woop woop) and of course, as you can already tell by the title of this post… we all headed to Sandringham House/Estate for a little day out.

Now…I won’t lie, I’m not exactly the kind of gal who get’s excited over anything “Royal Family”, HOWEVER…I really did enjoy exploring their Christmas getaway and looking a little more into the history.

Here are a few shots I stole from Grandad…

Myself, Granny, Mum and Meatball outside Sandringham House
Me and meatball…
Some big, fancy gates as we took the longer and more scenic route through the gardens to find the house.
The WHOLE place was just so blog-worthy!

And now we’re back with the Huawei (I’m obsessed with the camera on this phone!)

You’re not allowed to take photos inside of Sandringham House so we had to make the most of the beautiful grounds to show you instead.


It was so interesting to have a peak inside…

To walk through The Queens living room, stand right in the spot that the royal children open their presents around the tree on Christmas eve and imagine what it would be like to have afternoon tea at the very table The Queen does at 4pm every day… was all pretty surreal.

It also made us smile to learn that The Queen uses what would have been used as the ball room years ago…as her very own cinema!


A statue of one of the Queens favourite race horses “Estimate” standing proudly outside Sandringham House.

The gardens- charming…OBVIOUSLY!

Sandringham’s STUNNING Gardens
Attempting a bit of flower photography
My favourite little adventure buddy, adventuring away!
The gardens were full of colour
Hello Mr/Mrs Ladybird




And the tea room was just the scone on top!




Miya as always was such a good egg, loving the gardens and everything they had to offer, expressing a genuine interest in all of the touristy bit’s we dragged her along to and never complaining (unless it’s because she needs a wee)…

And although she was happy enough walking around the grounds with us there was an adventure play ground, so it was nice for her to have something to look forward to at the end.

So yes…in a nutshell, it really was a lovely little day out and definitely worth a visit!

Thank you for reading!

There’s more days out on the way, so if you enjoy them- keep an eye out or join the mailing list and receive notifications when they go up!

Until the next one!


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