Liquid Happiness

I’m adding another colour to the smoothie rainbow!

& this time with a little bit of YELLOW

I recently got back on track with my fitness and have really started craving smoothies straight from the gym!

Especially after intense weight training sessions… my muscles are just so depleted of glycogen that no matter how much water I guzzle I almost feel a little bit possessed and just want to inhale something sweet!

Soooo the smoothies are back with a capital B!


What’s inside?

Simply just…

-Orange and Grapefruit Juice

-Frozen Pineapple Chunks



Although it’s super simple it was super yummy and even Miya was following me around with a straw!

I was also coming down with a cold and in major need of some vitamins so this one went down very well!

All that’s missing is a bit of fresh ginger!

But maybe next time!

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