Weekly Round-Up

Hello and Happy Monday!

Or Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (whatever day it is for you as you get round to reading this)

Welcome 🙂

Following the warm response to my recent post “Loveliness of Late“…and the fact I really loved putting it together, I’ve decided to make it a regular thing!

Of course I have topics and things I like and want to make dedicated posts about but sometimes I just feel like I want to pour all of the little things from throughout my week into one place and press send (or in this case ‘publish’)…

…because I just can’t bare keeping all the of the loveliness to myself!

Ladies and gents I bring you this weeks “Weekly Round-Up”

I received a text from my friend a few weekends ago while we were away in Norfolk- telling me we needed to get in to Primark and check out their bath bombs! Since that moment me and Miya have been itching to get our hands on them! Then last week my favourite little bath bomb buddy met me on my lunch break so we could FINALLY pop in and bag some!
Allllll the rainbow, unicorn and pineapple vibes we could ask for. One of each please!
My new favourite naughty treat, introduced to me by one of my favourite people. These babies are the best things since peanut butter cups! And I know it’s a bold statement to make but I’m calling it- BETTER than peanut butter cups! Go and get some right now- you’re welcome.
I was sat eating breakfast in the kitchen last week, when Miya got up, ran to the kitchen windowsill (in nothing but her knickers as always), grabbed her little pot of home grown cress and couldn’t contain her excitement to show me! At that point there was only one little shoot sticking up from the soil but she was so proud it really made me smile! 🙂 Egg and cress sandwiches coming up!


Last week we babysat this little dumpling so that Mum and Dad could go on their FIRST EVER date night since Trinity was born!
She may look angelic but she gave us a run for our money and was a bit unsettled for the first time ever, with us. It made me smile at how such a little dot can still be so cute even when she’s grumpy. It was a major reality check looking after her without her two favourite boobs on tap but I’m already excited to have her again! (grumpy or not). Hats off to Ryan and Kat! #AUNTIEJORDAN


My good friends treated me to afternoon tea at the weekend as a belated birthday present and it was SO LOVELY! I like to try new/different things whenever it’s on the menu so this time we went for the Persian Pomegranate Fruit Tea and it was so pretty I had to get a photo! (it tasted good too)


Usually my food shopping consists of popping to Asda during my lunch or after work but I love going to do a PROPER shop at the weekend when me and Miya can make a “thing of it”. Asking her to grab a pen and paper and shouting out everything we need just to see how she’s guessed the spellings is half of the fun! This weekend we did just that! I was going to re-write the list in actual english  in this little caption …but instead I’ll leave you to enjoy the challenge lol!

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