Bank Holiday Manchester Trip

Shirley’s Half Way to 100!

Woohoooooo, another fun weekend!

August was a bit on the crazy side- plan wise for us…

But I’m NOT complaining because I have had THE loveliest summer with my family

I mean, we have a lovely summer every year but…I don’t know, it just felt like this year we had SO many fun things going on in such a short space of time- it was madness! (But it’s fine, because we love the madness)

First we were in Uttoxeter/Alton Towers for our cousins birthday, the next weekend- in Norfolk to meet with up Granny Goggs and THEN the weekend after that…back in the car, heading to MANCHESTER for one of our oldest family friends 50th birthday!

Me and Miya were roomies as always…

There was a wedding at the hotel and Miya was admiring the dresses!

We arrived on the Saturday morning and since it was raining we decided to have a cosy little lazy day in our hotel room…complete with cups of tea, snacks, The Little Vampire and Spy Kids, before getting party ready!





Dress- CHECK

Fairy Wings- CHECK

Glitter Spray- CHECK!

Bathroom Photo shoot




And we’re ready to go!
CHEERS! (Miya has water lol)
DRESS (from H&M but I can’t find it online 😦 ) | BELT

The only photos I got at the party lol!

We woke up to more rain on Sunday so we set off to check out the Science and Industry Museum


Miya engineered a Manchester Bee at the craft table…


Lifted a mini!
We became part of the exhibition!
& mooched through the research centre collection…

There was SO MUCH for Miya to do!

The whole place was informative, interactive and FREE!

I even had a bowl of soup in the cafe and my first hot chocolate since last winter! (starting to feel all autumnal and cosy now!) 🙂

It was the perfect little rainy day out before we went for a family BBQ and set off home again!

Thanks for reading!



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