Weekly Round-Up

Happy Fridaaaaay!

Lol at me for thinking I was going to get this post up on Monday…

I got a little bit carried away frolicking around the New Forest…then I spent lots of yummy time with my family…THEN I had evening meetings at work, yoga, gym and so on and so forth BUT it’s all good beeeeecause it will all make for even more fun time blog content! (bar the meeting obviously zzzz)

Anyway that’s enough blabbing from me…

This weeks round-up…ENJOY!

MUG LOVE! I’m obsessed with mugs! When I start to mentally plan moving into my own house and finally growing up- I don’t think about the sensible adult things that need doing…I fantasise about heading to the shops and kitting out my kitchen cupboards! I get SO much joy from it! Following the sad smashing of my previous work mug, I was gifted this brand new cute/polka-dot one by my work colleague! Just another little thing that added to my day that day! Thank you to Lydia 🙂 (I believe it’s from Tesco if you love it too and want to be mug twins with me!)
Following a very late night babysitting my delicious niece Trinity, I made it through work on 4 and a half hours sleep, went to my first yoga class in forever then went home for dinner and a cosy night in, in an attempt to recharge! The bath bomb of choice (picked by Miya) was pretty appropriate too! TWILIGHT – covered in stars and a moon and filled with a yummy combination of essential oils- lavender, benzoin and tonka set us right up for a lovely little early night!


Just because LOOK HOW CUTE! I grabbed this little taster size tictac pack from the bar of The Amba Hotel a few weekends ago before afternoon tea (mentioned in my last WEEKLY ROUND-UP) because anything mini just makes me happy!!! hehe!
Pineapple head inspired gifts thanks to Mum! (Miya got a strawberry) From good old Primark! Thanks Mum 🙂
Ok so…ignore the dorky little smile and I’ll explain, this isn’t just me being vain.. I accidentally took this photo of myself while visiting Stonehenge last weekend and when I found it on my phone (instead of deleting it as fast as I could) it actually made me smile. I love how the sun is peeping through my fingers, the fact I’m smiling instead of caught off-guard half way through talking or blinking AND if you look REEEEALLY closely- you can see the stones in the reflections of my sunglasses! I just like it and that’s that! 🙂


It’s official- our little sugar cube is SMILING!! And my heart can’t take the cuteness!

Oooh so, this is one I wanted to share last week but forgot! I finally gave this Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask from The Body Shop a go and it was bloody lovely! It smelt like banana milkshake for one and (although it’s a little hard for me to tell because I only wash my hair once a week anyway and so it always feels nice and soft when I finally wash it) I do think I could feel even MORE of a difference and would recommend!

Until next week…

Peace out!


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