Happy Autumn!


I can’t believe how differently I look at autumn and winter these days

Royal Crescent- Bath

Just by slowing down and appreciating all of the little things about it, instead of moaning that it’s too dark too early, too cold or depressing (just simply out of habit), has completely changed the game for me 😊

I’m a firm believer in not needing the sun to shine to make you smile and I know that it’s rubbish if you get caught in the rain without your umbrella and wellies, or your fingers are freezing because you forgot your gloves BUT… I have been guilty of complaining for the sake of it too… and I hate that.

It’s not who I want to be and it’s draining to be around.

CHOOSING to be positive is so refreshing! 🙌

Even during the heatwave we had this summer- I tried not to complain it was too hot and just soaked up the vitamin D while it lasted, because we never usually see a REAL summer in Britain then before we know it the cold sets in again for another 8 months!

If anything, I’m even more ready for the change of season this year because I feel I’ve had a nice PROPER summer for once and now, I’m ready for the festiveness!

Do you ever find yourself complaining for the sake of it?

Just because it’s what everyone does, so it’s easier to join them and be miserable together?

Breaking that cycle or habit might just be the best thing you ever do and THAT little sprinkle of positivity each day might just help to make the day for others around you too.

Winter comes around every bloody year so we might as well wrap up, plan cosy movie nights, drink hot chocolate, make soup, soak in the bath, become best friends with our dressing gown and embrace the sh*t out of it!

Here’s to crisp walks, chunky scarves, collecting conkers, the crackle of fireworks, beautiful orange leaves and a pair of slippers!

CHEERS and Happy Tuesday!

I hope it’s a cosy one

🙂  ☕

(cosy autumn afternoon with Miya coming to the blog soon)

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