Food for Thought

Because Sharing’s Caring



Are you passionate or at least intrigued about improving your health and fitness?

Are you a diabetic?

Do you get confused by the conflicting information floating around in the fitness industry and on the internet?!

Or do you simply just love the Irish accent?

If you answered yes to any of the above please give this podcast a listen!

You don’t even have to put time aside to do so.

Throw it on while you do the washing up, hang the washing out, cook dinner, soak in the bath or inject a bit of mental stimulation into your cardio or cool down!

Listen in the car on the way to work instead of the radio or grab your coat, trainers and earphones and go hit your step goal whilst you listen

& just…

Soak. It. Alllll. Up!

Sometimes you can have something explained to you a number of different times by a number of different people but still never soak any of it up FOR GOOD.

Then all of a sudden… something will just just work for you.

You’ll hear it and finally you UNDERSTAND it… and when that happens you never think or look at these things in the same way again.

Awesome stuff like this poscast do exactly that for me.

I’ll be forever learning but this is a perfect example of the kind of sh*t that just helps it to soak in and STAY in!

So hopefully it can do the same for you too!


Please don’t be put off by the fact it focuses on diabetes if it’s not something you suffer with.

There’s a LOT of (as Phil calls them) knowledge bombs being dropped here as well as a pure dose of enlightenment when it comes to leading a healthy HAPPY lifestyle in general and continuous reasons as to why strength training is just KICK ASS for EVERYONE! 🏋️

✌️, ❤️&💪

To listen CLICK HERE and please let me know if you enjoy!

(Featuring Phil Graham and Lauren Tickner )


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