Weekly Round-Up

Happy Sundaaaaaay!

This weeks round-up is a little thin on the ground BUT that’s because I have so many cute posts planned from my last few weeks and there are many LITTLE THINGS within them that I didn’t want to repeat. So enjoy and keep your eyes peeled for lovliness coming soon!

During a little mooch around the town this Sunday I found this note pad in Poundland and I love everything about it! Rainbow vibes, positive vibes…SOLD! (I can’t find it online to link it but it’s in there!)


Last Fathers Day I met with some of my family for a curry. When my brother turned up he turned to me and Dad and said he had a present for us both (yay!) He stuck his hand in his pocket and handed dad some money that he owed him. He then turned to me and said “Ok yours may not seem as expensive as Dads but what it will provide you with is worth much more” and he pulled out this book. It had been passed around a few people before it made it’s way to me (as you can tell) and has plenty of character by now. Reviews online seem to be split down the middle. Some feel it’s poorly written and that nothing really happens. Others completely the opposite. As for me- I was with the latter half of those people… and I think the reason for this was because of where I was and now am (mentally) in my life. Some may just see it as a sheppard wandering through the dessert. But I think unless you are in the right frame of mind/place in your life you’re not as able to see and understand the beautiful life lesson behind this book. Luckily for me, I think it served me exactly how Ryan hoped that it would and as I read the last sentence I found myself smirking from deep within. I’m super thankful to him for sharing it with me and recommend it highly to anyone, simply just to see what you think. Interestingly one online reviewer said that they read it once and didn’t like it but that a few years later after going through some personal sh*t, they then decided to give it another chance- and all of a sudden they loved it! PERSPECTIVE!


More Body Shop because I’m obsessed! I have rather dry skin most of the time but ESPECIALLY in the winter. None of my moisturisers were touching the sides, so at the beginning of the year ventured into The Body Shop and haven’t looked back since! I picked up a few bits which I have fell in love with but THIS STUFF is a favourite! It’s rich and thick and even though some may find it too heavy it was just what my skin needed! It’s lasted me ages because I switch between different creams but also because it’s so rich I only ever needed to use a small amount each time! I came to the end of the pot this week and it made me sad so I’ll definitely be back for more and recommend it to anyone else if you suffer with dry skin like me!


Ok so since I opened up about my mug/cup obsession in the last Weekly Round-Up I’m pretty excited because I can just keep em coming now! HEHE! This is one of my absolute faves as I found it in B&M during a time that I really really was so aware of how much The Little Things in life mean to me… and even though we have NO MORE ROOM in the cupboards, I bought it anyway! (Sorry Mum)


Popeye Pancakes strike again! Ok so Miya is honestly obsessed with these bad boys, she asks for them most weeks so this weekend she GOT THEM! Layered AND topped with banana, Nutella and sprinkles! This particular batch worked well because I added flour which helped them bind much better. Also the sprinkles just made them so pretty… so here they are! For the receipe CLICK HERE!

Whoever you are, if you’re reading this thank you, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend

& heres to a great week!


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