Thailand “Tone-Up”

Ok so, I’m kicking things up a notch!

With my trip to Thailand under 2 months away I’ve started a little “Thailand Tone-up” so I thought I would blog my progress.

I won’t be doing anything crazy drastic, I’m pretty happy right now just enjoying the gym, eating well and feeling good, so I’m going to carry on doing that! (I’m just going to knuckle down a little bit MORE to ensure I feel as good as possible when I step into my bikini).

So here’s the plan:

ONE- Make sure I’m eating enough


Eating intuitively (as and when I feel like it), I tend to UNDER eat… and it’s not the end of the world day to day because I eat mindfully anyway and as long as I’m feeling good and have energy for the gym and life I’m happy…BUT…now that I can see Thailand on the horizon I’ve got a little fire in my belly! I want to make sure I’m eating enough each day so that (alongside my training) I’m giving my body everything it needs in order to repair, build and maintain my muscles as efficiently as possible! (burning body fat along the way- WIN WIN).

I did plan on calculating my macros (which basically just means working out how many calories my body needs to maintain itself, adjusting that number accordingly to my goals and THEN using THAT number to work out exactly how much PROTEIN, CARBS and FAT I need to eat per day) and I will still do that for a rough idea but I’m not going to be putting too much pressure on myself in that department. I still plan on enjoying my Autumn, I’ll just be fitting the fun into it all and making sure I’m eating enough protein every day!


TWO- Train 3 to 5 times a week


Ok so right now I’m hitting the gym (mainly weight training) around 3 to 5 days already anyway, depending on what plans I have each week and how I need to split my training. Some weeks I’ve been in most days training a certain muscle group per day with 10-20 mins of cardio each time. Other weeks I do more of a general upper/lower body split with cardio/abs thrown in whenever it feels good and obviously the quicker I recover the more times I try to repeat that.

SO yeah… I’ll carry on fitting it in as I need to but REALLY I want to be getting to the gym 5 days a week without fail if possible and making more time for cardio EVEN IF it’s just a 10 minute incline walk each time- I wanna up it!


THREE- Stay Hydrated


And when I say hydrated- I mean HYDRATED with a capital H! Im pretty good with drinking water but on weekends it can slip when I’m frolicking about having fun- it’s just easy to forget -whereas being in my office 9-5 during the week, constantly refilling my water bottle is just second nature. But I’m on a mission now…I will not go anywhere with out my water bottle and want to drink 2 litres a day. Drinking water is just another great way to help your body along and allow it to function as best as it can! Obviously in every day life but while training, sweating, trying to build muscle and lose body fat ESPECIALLY!


FOUR- Eat micros (fruit & veggies) with every meal


This one hardly needs a reason it’s just a good life goal always right? BUT…again…another winner when asking your body to serve you as best it can, you must feed it as best YOU can! You get out what you put in and all that jazz. Nutrients every damn day!


FIVE- Hit 10,000 steps a day


Once again I’m always striving to achieve this one however I do have the odd days I don’t quite make it and that’s fine BUT no more Mrs Nice Jordan. I’m going to make it a priority to get those steps in the bank before my head’s on my pillow each night! And to be fair if I’m getting to the gym most days I usually hit it easily so…I just need to keep all of my ducks in a row and I should be good!


SIX- Get 7-8 hours sleep


Rest and recovery is SO SO important, especially when you’re putting your body under the extra stresses of exercise and weight training. We can’t do an hour of intense weight training 5 days a week, only get 5 hour of sleep each night on top of any other everyday stresses/anxiety AND expect our body to keep up with us. I love getting my full 8 hours but I also love getting carried away with watching my favourite YouTubers, TV and blogging late into the night too! In fact the past few weeks I’ve made a bit of a bad habit of grabbing a peppermint tea, setting up my MacBook and getting a little too comfortable (until gone midnight sometimes!)

SO that’s going to have to stop. I love working on my blog but I’m just going to have to manage my time better so that I can still put in as much work as I like to AND get to bed at a decent time!


And there you have it!

That’s pretty much it for now, like I said it’s nothing restricting, I’m tightening things up LOOSELY lol…

I’m not super lean right now but I don’t have MASSES of body fat to loose either so I’m not expecting an insanely impressive “transformation photo” or anything but i’m interested to see what I can do in the short space of time I have until the holiday.. and I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

Oh also! If you’d like to see more of a day to day update on things, I always try to keep my Instagram Story up to date with a little bit of everything.

My Instagram is – @wheresjordannow so follow away!

Until the next one!


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