Sausage Rolls at Stonehenge

Ticking Off The Bucket List!

I would first like to start this blog with a moment of silence to appreciate the incredible sausage roll I shared a moment I can only describe as perfect with on the morning of Saturday 15th September 2018.

Washed down with a good old cup of tea, I am confident to state RIGHT NOW that it was the BEST sausage roll I’ve EVER eaten in my 27 years on planet earth!

After a 7am set off and 2 and a half hours on the road it was just heaven to arrive to such a magical welcome. Shout out to the Stonehenge Cafe…honestly…thank you.

Right anyway…

Where was I…

Oh yeah…


This one’s been on my bucket list, well…since ever…with all of the other stuff I want to do lol…and it didn’t disappoint!

Admission cost me £17.50 (tickets can be found HERE) then we set off on foot to find the stones! There is a shuttle bus you can catch if you’d prefer but we wanted to get some steps in as it was a lovely day and there was some beautiful National Trust to explore!

Around 15 minutes later we’d breathed in plenty of delicious countryside, skipped through fields filled with cows and finally found them!


I paid £3 for an audioguide (which I recommend HIGHLY)

 It was super informative and completely makes it (in my opinion) so that you can get a real feel of the history and remaining mystery behind these amazing stones!

Exhibit D

Not too long ago you could have walked right up to it, however due to so much tourism and foot traffic they have now been sectioned off to prevent damage to the ground beneath them.


We chose such a beautiful sunny day to visit!


Learnt of many intriguing theories behind this fascinating place


& quite frankly loved every minute!

My friend Danielle (pictured in exhibit D) is a English Heritage member so she didn’t have to pay admission and got her audioguide free of extra charge.

Depending on if you’re the kind of person who would make use of a membership I’d say its definitely worth it and is something I’ll be considering myself for future trips!

Having soaked up the stones we headed back to the main building and checked out the exibition before jumping back in the car and making our way to our second stop of the trip!

(Coming to the blog next week)

Hopefully see you there!


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