I’ve Collaborated with Civion!


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a “less is more” kind of gal…

With make up, hair…everything…

My taste in jewellery included!

Don’t get me wrong I love a statement necklace if I’m feeling a bit fruity BUT day to day and most of the time I’m much more a lover of the “simple but effective” vibe.

Little studs, token necklaces and bracelets

Quirky but still pretty plain and simple.






Anything a bit hippy-fied and I’m sold! (Hippy wannabe forever)

SO… when Civion asked me to collaborate with them, I didn’t have to think about it for very long!

Civion is a small business selling simple but quirky (and affordable) premium jewellery.

You can read more about them by clicking here but basically… I just like their stuff and that’s the top and bottom of it really!

I find it very me taste wise and I love the pieces they were kind enough to send me (especially my pineapple head vibes bracelet!)

so OBVIOUSLY… I wanted to share it on the blog 🙂

I’ve also been given a 25% discount code to share with my friends, family and followers!

So…if you feel like having a little look…

Check them out at www.civion.store

& if anything takes ya fancy, use code JORDAN25 at the checkout to get 25% off!

(because ya know, every little helps!)


Ps let me know if you do, I’d love to know what you got! 🙂







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