Wanna save on your Body Shop faves?

I’m teaming up with my favourite northern bird (Mum) and one of my favourite brands!


Over the last year I’ve really been focusing on my self-care (and I don’t just mean hitting the gym)

Skincare and bath time is a big part of my “me time” and The Body Shop is a big part of THAT…

When I use my Body Shop products, I feel like I’ve got my shit together and I KNOW I’m not alone on that one!


What if I told you that there’s a whole other Body Shop world out there?

A world where the prices and offers (even some of the products) can’t be found online or in store?

Amazing deals exclusively for The Body Shop At Home Catalogue shoppers?

And then…

what if I told you…that I possess that catalogue?!


If your response is that you want a piece of that enchanted, natural, cruelty free and delicious action… then step this way…

We are unable to share the secrets with outsiders…

Only those who choose to walk with us…join the group and request to see the magical catalogue.

The decision lies with you.

Finish this post then go about your day like it never happened and know that I’ll be forever thankful you took the time to pop by.


Join us…let me know using the comment box below or the “Say Hello” page above if you want in on the journey and I’ll hand you the key to the enchanted door!

See you on the other side







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