A Cosy Autumn Afternoon


Ok so this was actually the day after our trip to Kew (because that’s how crap I’ve been at keeping my posts in the “real time” lol but I’m working on it!)


Following a sleep over at my friends, we went for a dog walk in the autumn sunshine, in search of Time For Tea -a dog friendly tea room in Wanstead.

It’s small, charming, traditional and ticks all of the boxes in the cute/vintage department.



Tea cosies, posters, tea pots, bunting and all. That. Jazz!



Welcomed with a fuss and a treat, Sammy got comfy and then we ordered ours!


A latte and slice of lemon drizzle please!


I couldn’t get enough of the interior!

This sign was my absolute favourite! I may have to get myself one!

With plans to have a cliché autumnal afternoon at home, I said my goodbyes and jumped on the train.

Mum and Miya were waiting at the other end to pick me up and we headed straight to the park to collect some conkers!


I haven’t collected conkers for years but definitely enjoyed getting back in touch with the child in me!

It was so satisfying finding and cracking them open!

It got to the point where we had collected way too many, yet every time I’d tell Miya “ok no more now” I’d spot another big juicy one out of the corner of my eye and be doing exactly what I had just told her NOT to do!



Miya sporting her new black glittery wellies!


Although we had fun, Me and Mum got talking about how -unless you plan to hold a conker fighting tournament, what else are you supposed to do with them?

They usually just sit in a bag until they’re dried up and wrinkly and you decide to throw them away, right?

SO…we were determined to DO SOMETHING with them

We thought about it over a hot chocolate and a few chunks of unicorn fudge! (brought home from my New Forest trip)


Two jars, one vase, a few pieces of string, a toy caterpillar, a battery pack of fairy lights, a couple of candles and a few leaves from the park later…and we had created our very own autumnal centre piece!



 I know it’s not exactly a show stopping DIY job but we were so proud lol

It makes the kitchen table feel sooooooo festive and cosy and got me so in the mood for autumn!

 I was a little over excited and popped into TK MAXX and picked up a couple of autumnal candles- Pumpkin Rum from DW Home and a little Apple Spice candle from SAND + FOG

I usually turn my nose up at the very sweet/strong candles (the pumpkin ones included) BUT once I got it home and lit it I ate my words right up as it smells wonderful!

Aaaaaaand I might have THEN popped into Asda for a “autumnal vibes” mug too…


Since this I’ve added a munchkin pumpkin to the display!

It just keeps getting better!


This little corner of our house has quickly become my happy place and I just love setting myself up at the table, whether it’s on a morning with my journal, a coffee and breakfast before work, or on an evening with my dinner and laptop blogging away…I just can’t get enough and it brings me so much joy!

But anyway…back to the weekend where it all started…

I honestly felt so smitten with life after such a cosy day with my loved ones and that joyfulness has only grown and grown!

Embracing this time of year really has been making my days! I’d also love to know what festive things you and your family might get up to, to get YOU in the spirit!



Even more SUPER CUTE AUTUMNAL days coming to the blog this week!

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Thank you so much for reading!


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