Cammas Hall Pumpkin Patch

I loved it so much I went TWICE in one day!

Since I got my first whiff of pumpkin spice in September, I’ve been waiting patiently to kick start all of the autumn/halloween plans I’ve lined up!

& we’re FIIIINALLY in the thick of it!

Cammas Hall pumpkin patch was on my bucket list last year but I just missed the boat!

SO this year, I was ready and I wasn’t going to miss out again! I suppose it’s worked out rather nicely because Miya is that little bit older so she can appreciate it that little bit more AND it’s the first October that my DELICIOUS niece Trinity is part of the fun too so- yay, let’s go!

I obviously had to start the day appropriately…so my morning carbs came in ghost form (thank you Asda).

Along side my yoghurt bowl of course- HASHTAG BALANCE!

We set off around 10am arriving at Cammas Hall for about 10:30ish and it was already getting busy.

We got excited over the rearranged spooky “Strawberry Fields Forever” sign, admired the scarecrows standing out front and ran off to frolic in the pumpkin patch!

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the pumpkins are small this year due to the hot summer that we had?! Not sure how true that is but we didn’t see many bigger than this!
“No Miya, don’t put your hand on the boob, this is for the blog”
Miya went all out and dressed the part!
I love love love my Huawei! It takes such amazing photos!
We picked a beautiful day for it! 🙂
The squashes are sooooo pretty!
£1 each or 7 for £5
Pumpkin head!


We went for an OG pumpkin, a ghost pumpkin and a squash! The Pumpkins are priced by how much they weigh and my ghost pumpkin and squash came up to £5 something.
The girls did some crafts which cost £1 per mask and got their faces painted for £3.50 before heading to the playground for a run around!


We then met with Ryan, Kat and Trinity at our 2nd stop of the day, which was only a 5 minute drive from Cammas Hall!

The Village Tea Room in Hatfield Heath

I was gifted an afternoon tea voucher on my birthday so we decided to redeem and pair it with our pumpkin picking plans!


It was a lovely little high tea complete with a glass of bubbles each! And although I did hear a few of the customers complaining they had been waiting a rather long time, luckily we had no complaints, the food was yummy and fresh and we had a very nice time.


With even more Halloween vibes as the girls were given marshmallow ghost cupcakes!

Afternoon Tea with my two favourite beings. Life doesn’t get much better than this 🙂

I used to spend quite a lot of time in Hatfield Heath and I can’t believe I never tried this tea room out or spent more time in the village as it’s so cute.

We took advantage of the surrounding’s and of course had a mini photo-shoot outside in the sunshine!





I couldn’t bear that Ryan and Kat had missed out on Cammas Hall and I wanted to buy Trinity a pumpkin for her first Halloween!

So… after our afternoon tea, I jumped in the car with them and we WENT BACK FOR MORE!

By now the place was HEAVING so I would definitely recommend getting up and out early if you do plan on going!

It would make for a much more chilled visit.

Trinity wasn’t as excited as us…
But it’s ok, we were excited FOR her!
Pumpkin chic…


Blog-worthy photos for days 🙂
Despite her “wtf face” she was AT ONE with the baby pumpkins! 🙂
& I was smitten with life!

 Has anyone else got plans to hit up a pumpkin patch this year? Or have you already ticked it off?

You don’t even have to buy one, it was so nice just to walk around the fields and soak up all of the autumnal energy.

All in all a day well spent, finished with a cosy night in back at home watching Coco.

Happy Days!


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