New Forest Finds

I found my little bag of New Forest goodies at the weekend and looking through my finds made me smile so I thought I’d share them!



First up…

Following my reading in Burley, I couldn’t resist this little find in a Lyndhurst charity shop spotted by Danielle! I will definitely be planning a Tarot night in!


I love my little earthenware cider flagon! We wanted to take home some cider from the Cider Pantry but just weren’t feeling a standard glass bottle. So when we realised we could have our very own flagon we were sold! It will have a place in my kitchen once empty with a bloody lovely memory behind it! 🙂


Speaking of bloody lovely- with all of the wonderful little wiccan shops in burley there were no shortage of incenses! I like to get involved so I loved the idea of bagging some of my own. I sniffed my way through every scent, stick and shop with the hippie wannabe inside of me hoping that whichever one I ended up with, it would have a feel good name! I was drawn to and tried all of the “positive”, “peace” and “joyful” name tags but just couldn’t kid myself into liking the funky smells! When all of a sudden Danielle stuck HAPPINESS in my face! It was the only odd one out and we couldn’t find where it had came from! Basically it was meant to be and it smelt lovely too! So it’s now MINE! 🙂 I also got this pretty incense holder to go with it! Hehe! 🙂


Another Cider Pantry purchase! Because, just look at it! Pure yummy Heather Comb Honey straight from the hive retaining all of its natural nutritional benefits-I just couldn’t walk away without! I’ll be jazzing up many ‘a yoghurt/porridge bowl with this stuff!
My very own Moon Gazing Hare! It’s believed by many people (especially Wiccans) that the hare is a sacred creature and witches are said to be able to shape-shift into them. The very first time I came across a Moon Gazing Hare was about 2 years ago during a visit to Dartmoor! Our Air BnB accommodation of choice was a charming little cottage owned and decorated by a Wiccan! The cottage was named Moon Gazey Cottage so we did some research and found that it was a very popular symbol within the Wiccan world! Said to symbolise positive energy, re-birth, grown, fertility and to bring good luck. Since that trip I see the Moon Gazey Hare everywhere and it brings me such a warm feeling every time! SO I decided it was time for my own!

So yeah, I’m basically a witch now.

Over and out

Oh ps if you missed my New Forest Post you can catch up HERE


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