3 Things You Can Do With Pumkin Guts

Waste not, want not!

Year after year I carve a pumpkin, rid of the insides as quickly as possible, light that little tea light, step back and admire my creation with pride and that’s were it would end.

I’d never really given it much thought before but this year I was determined to DO SOMETHING with those slimy guts I’d only ever stupidly seen as useless!

Knowing I wanted to make something from it was great, but what?!


I did a little research for some inspo and decided on these 3!

No.1 Pumpkin Gut Face Mask


First we took on the tedious task of separating the seeds from the stringy/squidgy insides until we were left with a blob of orange slime! (but save the seeds for later)

Added a big spoonful of natural yoghurt and a drizzle of argan oil (or you could just use honey)…

Blended it up and it was ready to go!


Because we knew exactly what was in it and that every ingredient was natural we were happy for even Miya to get involved!


No 2. Baked Pumpkin Seeds


Once separated from the rest of the insides we poured on a little olive oil over the seeds and seasoned them in salt and pepper (or you could go with a sweet seasoning like sugar or cinnamon)…

Then we simply spread them onto a baking tray on top of some baking paper and popped  them in the oven for around 10-15 minutes (until they looked nice and toasted)

They make a great nutritious snack or in this case…as a topping for the next idea!

No 3. Pumpkin Gut Soup


The majority of our pumpkin guts (we did two pumpkins so we had quite a bit) went into this pumpkin gut soup!

We chopped up and browned off some celery, carrots and onion using oil/butter in the pan.

THEN added the pumpkin guts (seeds removed) and some vegetable stock and left it to simmer for a good 20 minutes.

Once the mixture cooled a little I blended it all up to make a type of puree then put it back in to the pan, added some double cream and left it until it bubbled!

Finally I bowled it up, topped it with some of the pumpkin seeds from earlier, some pomegranates and a sprinkle of coriander, salt and pepper!

It was a yummy autumnal hug in a bowl!


And there you have it!

It felt great to use up all of the leftovers and it will definitely be something I do from now on!

I’ll try something new next year for sure too so any ideas shared would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you enjoyed and if you give any a go please let me know OR leave a comment and tell me of any other ways you made the most of your guts!


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