This Too Shall Pass

đŸŒ»Â Happy Friday đŸŒ»

double rainbow
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I didn’t plan on posting today but I’ve found myself feeling pretty anxious lately and it turns out I’ve heard the same from a few others around me too, so whether it’s something in the water or just a coincidence- I thought I’d try and sprinkle a little bit of positivity in case anyone else out there has been feeling in need of some too.

I follow lots of “positivity” pages on social media these days and just being able to open my Facebook or Instagram and see all of the lovely positive posts popping up all over my news feed (on day’s I might be struggling to see the good in life myself)- it really does help to supply me with that little dose of joy I’m in need of.

Times that I feel like I’m letting life control me instead of the other way around my anxiety likes to join the party to make matters a whole lot worse.

But… by simply scrolling across the right words of comfort, it can cause me to slow down and REMEMBER that being in a good or better place in life doesn’t mean it always has to be a shiny positivity party all the time!

 I think sometimes we can feel like failures in the self-care department if we’re not skipping around spotting rainbows everyday.

Almost like we put pressure onto ourselves because we’ve made this commitment to practice self-care, so once we’ve managed to achieve a more positive outlook on life- we’re NEVER allowed to turn back!

We forget that a huge part of it is remembering, when you have a shit day- it is JUST a shit day and that allowing yourself to just feel what you need to feel, yet finding comfort in knowing IT WILL PASS is one of the amazing benefits of self-care.

I suppose being mindful is all about being able to recognise when our mental wellness is in need of some TLC in order to fully appreciate all of the goodness and little things when the clouds eventually part again.

“No Rain, No Rainbow”


Whatever it is you have planned this weekend, join me in making sure you spend at least 15 minuets each day tuning in with yourself, whether it’s reading, journaling, going for a walk or hitting the gym and just see the difference it can make.

Have a lovely one


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