Interrupt Anxiety With Gratitude

Life has a funny way of bringing you what you need at the time that you need it.

Even if a blessing is delivered in an ugly disguise we must always believe in the plan that life has for us and that if we aren’t quite managing to action it ourselves, the universe will always step in to help us on our way.


Today I am grateful for:

-My bulletproof support system, powered by some of the best friends and family I could ever ask for.

-The magical existence of self-care.

-The power of the universe!


There is always something to be grateful for even on the toughest of days and if today is a tough one for you, always remember…

“The Word Happiness Would Lose it’s Meaning if it Were Not Balanced by Sadness” 

So welcome the sadness with open arms and KNOW that it comes with a purpose

What 3 things are you grateful for today?




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