Pimp Your Yoghurt

7 Yoghurt Bowl Ideas

Following on from my post- 5 GREEK YOGHURT HACKS, I thought I’d provide you with some yoghurt pimping inspo- ideal for breakfast, a snack or even as dessert!

Now, I could easily have some blog-tastic fun with this and design 7 fancy yogurt bowls, go shopping especially for it and produce some instagrammable show stopping content…

BUT…I’m not.

Because let’s be honest, how many of us have dragon fruit, blue spirulina and bee pollen lying around the house every week? #lifegoals

I’m simply going to keep it real and document (as I go) the next 7 different bowls I prepare!

So, that’s that.

Let’s get started!


Honey, Graze Protein Bite and Banana


Obviously you could just use some pre-mixed or homemade granola in place of the protein bite, I just pick these up when they’re on offer- they’re yummy!



Raspberries, Honey and Dark Chocolate Chips


Did you know dark chocolate is high in antioxidants!? In moderation obviously, it makes for the perfect little snack/topping!



Strawberries, Honey, Shaved Almonds and Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are a great way to add nutrients to any meal.

They’re a great source of omega 3 fatty-acids, antioxidants, iron, calcium, fibre and so on and so forth!



Cinnamon, apple and shaved almonds
Apple, cinnamon and shaved almonds
This was for breakfast on one of the first mornings of Autumn! I’ve named it the spiced apple bowl! 🙂

Almonds are another of my go to toppings! They contain more protein than any other nut on the shelf and once again are another good source of vitamins (mainly Vitamin E), fibre, potassium, calcium and ALL. THAT. STUFF!

Honestly (unless you’re allergic) go nuts with nuts!

I struggle to enjoy them whole so I love to buy these shaved/flaked almonds instead. Game changer!



Figs, honey and chia seeds.


We’re getting a little bit tropical now!

I’m forever trying to mix it up with my fruit so this was a win in for me.

Rich in vitamins and minerals AND high in soluble fibre- Win WIN



Frozen blueberries, squash shot, banana and shaved almonds


High in fibre, rich in vitamin C & K, packed with calcium, magnesium, iron (among many others) AND the highest ranking fruit for being abundant in antioxidants- the blueberry is a healthy powerhouse! Welcome it into your diet with open mouth!

Ps frozen fruit is a life changer! I usually buy it frozen so that there’s no rush in how quickly I need to eat it all and love that it’s just always waiting for me whenever the craving for a smoothie strikes! Or whenever I need to sprinkle a bit of goodness into a meal!

I’ll also throw fresh fruit in the freezer if I can see it turning on me. Fresh fruit is always going to be a winner but sometimes this little hack is a TOP TIP for reducing waste.



Pomegranates, heather comb honey and mixed seeds.


The main event for me on this morning was my gorgeous Heather Comb Honey, straight from The New Forest! I bagged myself a box because I always see honey combs in the shops and feel drawn to them! And with good reason – retaining all of it’s natural nutrients and tasting beautiful too!

Another source of antioxidant, vitamins C,B and K- I had these pomegranates left over from when I made my pumpkin soup look pretty! So they made a great yoghurt pimper the very next morning! Waste not! 🙂


And there you have it!

As you can tell I tend to stick to the same set up- being a fruit, a seed/nut and then an extra blob of sweetness to help it go down!

So although I hope I’ve managed to inspire a few of you at least I’d also love to know how YOU pimp your yoghurt for further inspiration to my own yoghurt bowl!

Happy Thursday and Happy Pimping









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