Blogmas Day 1: THANK YOU


Where’s Jordan Now? Right now, Jordan’s feeling like a crap blogger!

Before I went to Thailand at the end of November I was all ready and excited to be organised AF…

Schedule my posts for while I was away and have the travel blogs ready to go on my return, setting me up nicely for the beginning of Christmas and all the festive post possibilities!

BUT…life happened and I just didn’t have it in me mentally to keep my shit together AND keep the blog flowing.

I may not have hundreds of followers yet but just knowing I have even a handful of people who look forward to my posts and were let down by the radio silence only added to the anxiety- which is pretty ironic since this blog’s supposed to and does usually have an adverse effect on those unwelcome butterflies.

I’ve spent a few weeks beating myself up and essentially just doing all of the things I KNOW make me feel worse whilst struggling to keep up the good habits that save me when I’m letting the good stuff slip.

Allllllll in order to get myself to THIS POINT, a point I knew I would get to but a point I had to wallow in the shittiness in order to get to.

Welcoming of my little blip, accepting of it and the reasons it came about and determined to come back fighting (all in time for the most cliche time of the year to do so).


And so…”fighting back” comes in the form of my very own 12 Days of Blogmas”

Day 1 of which I want to dedicate to saying a big fat THANK YOU.

I’m so grateful to all of my followers/readers/likers/commenters and sharers- not only for being here in the first place but for sticking around during the not so blogtastic times.

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing my content brings OTHERS joy.

It’s been a fun first 6 months on the scene and I’m so excited for the rest of the journey!

Here’s to a day full of family, eating, drinking and all the other little things that make YOUR day Christmas for you and your loved ones.

Whatever you’re doing today and whoever you’re spending it with I hope you have a lovely one and remember to be in the moment.

Merry Christmas





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