Blogmas Day 3: PANTO!

He’s Behind You!

The day after Boxing Day (for us) means PANTO DAY!

It’s come to be one of our Christmas traditions, every year for the last 3/4 years my little sister Miya has gifted me my ticket and although cheesy and a bit predictable, for us- it’s Christmas.

So…every December 27th me and my family get our Christmas jumpers on and head to our local theatre- this year being no different!

& as always Harlow Playhouse delivered!


I have to admit that each year I wonder if it will have to be my last BUT each year I’m always left pleasantly surprised and glad I went and so I would definitely recommend that anyone in Essex in need of something to do with kids during the remaining Christmas period grab a ticket!

But as for the rest of today, whatever you’re doing, whether you’re back at work/normality, still off spending time with your loved ones or off on holiday even…

I hope you’re still feeling the festiveness and have a Happy Thursday!




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