A Christmassy Day in London

With only a handful of weekends to try and make the most of what London has to offer at Christmas time I often start to feel anxious before it’s even started!

This year I had an amazing holiday to Thailand planned so I just had to accept that I wouldn’t be able to hit the London festivities as hard as I usually like to.

However… I did give it a good go!

We successfully packed as much festivness into one weekend as we could, making me feel so better about my neglected Christmas bucket list!

Here’s what the last weekend before Christmas looked like for us:

Vegan Brunch at Eat by CHLOE. 


Wheather you’re vegan or like me- you just like to sniff out instagrammable spots and give allll the different foods a go then Eat by CHLOE’s got you covered!

Now even though it’s not exactly “Christmassy”, it’s been on my bucket list ever since I laid eyes on their amazing push pops on Instagram last summer and with my gluten/dairy intolerant family visiting what better excuse to check it out!

Of course I provided them with a list of different restaurants and cafes but after doing some research themselves, by CHLOE was the clear winner with their quirky menu and fun time interior! (which worked for me) YAY!

Who doesn’t love a hanging chair
Neon love as always!


I went for the ‘Morning Glory‘ scrambled tofu which was deeeelicious!

Miya had the ‘Daily Pancakes‘ and rated them 10/10!

And everyone else tried the ‘Classic Burger‘ with fries.

With cupcakes and a Christmas tree cookie for afters! (Christmassy after all!)

Me and the girls were able to catch up for ages as Miya and Alex were as happy as Larry just chilling on the hanging chairs. I honestly forgot they were with us a few times they were so happy just swinging away!


Although overpriced (as expected with any “quirky London cafe”) it was an all in all yummy little brunch with this loovleh lot and I would 100% reccomend this place to anyone, vegan or not.

To check it out for yaself CLICK HERE 

Stuffed from our food we had a little wander around Covent Garden to walk it off and as always it was dressed to the nine in the name of Christmas 🙂



It was so nice just taking all of Covent Garden in that we wouldn’t have even needed other plans, we could gave easily spent our day doing that!





We stopped for a quick pitstop at one of my new favorite little places in Covent Garden to sit and watch the world go by with a bowl of coffee- Le Pain Quotidien


Before heading to The Colisium to see The Nutcracker




Our dinner location of choice was Frankie and Bennys as they offer a whole gluten free menu (which I believe I’ be mentioned in a previous blog) for the free from clan members.

Finally after one last pass through pretty Covent Garden and we made our way to catch the train home…



PS shout out to my beautiful little blog buddy too, who was my camera girl all day!

We got home, into our pj’s, poured a glass of mulled wine and went to bed feeling festive AF after such a successful day!

London, you never fail me!


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