Blogmas Day 5: DISNEY ON ICE

Disney On Ice

Todays Christmassy-ness came in the form of an early trip to Londons O2 Arena to finally tick DISNEY ON ICE off of my bucket list! (for the price of £43)


Miya and her bestie are Disney on Ice regulars and were kind enough to let me tag along!

You can’t beat a bit of Disney so it was just so easy and feel good to watch…and topped off with a flat white and a shot of smarties at All Bar One afterwards it was wins all around!


Mum booked everything but apparently, our tickets were slightly cheaper for better seats simply because we went to the earlier show and booked a family ticket.

Only by a few pounds but hey- every little helps, especially when you’re charged £7.50 for a hotdog, £22 for a Disney wand and £11 for an Olaf snowcone! (Swings and roundabouts right?)

But anyway…I loved it, the girls enjoyed it and ANOTHER lovely little day of christmas in the bank!

Happy Saturday!



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