Blogmas Day 7: A COSY NYE

A Cosy New Years Eve

27 going on 70

I’m fully aware that I’m old before my time and I’m totally OK with it.

You’ll find me in my slippers with a cup of tea way quicker than in a pair of heels doing shots!

Sure, I gave all of that a go. I committed a good few years between the ages of 13-22 pretending I enjoyed it like everyone else, but now… I can safely (and thankfully) say that I’ve thrown in the towel and can proudly OWN the fact that I am a Millennial Granny without shame!

Obviously I’m not a total hermit- during the day you cant keep me in and I’m rather partial to a cocktail or 4 over dinner and the occasional wedged boot…BUT 98% of the time…on an evening…it’s bath bombs over jaeger bombs all day long for me…and NYE was no different.

I’d spent my whole day out having a mosey around the post Christmas sales, so by the evening I was more than happy to spend my night indoors, welcomed by a beaming meatball.


I got home, poured myself a glass of asti, told Miya to grab one of the dvds Santa had brought her, get into her pj’s and meet me in my bedroom!


I followed with a cheeseboard, snacks and of course my asti…turned the lights down and the cosiness up with a few candles and watched one of my favourite childhood movies ever The Borrowers in the warm comfort of my Christmas bedding!


It doesn’t sound like much I know and some people might see it as a bit of a naff one, but the truth is… it was my favourite NYE in a long time and it concreted just how much I dig this Millennial Granny life!


A cosy end to 2018






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