Blogmas Day 8: HAPPY NEW YEAR


And just like that- another year over!

I know every year, everyone says it…but this year… I REALLY mean it- I cannot believe how quickly 2018 whizzed by.

It honestly feels like only last month I was at the beginning of another new diary with a whole new year to play with…

Like I’ve literally blinked and here I am again.

And what a year it’s been!

I moved out of my family home and THEN moved back again…

I became an auntie!

I visited 4 different countries and did my best at exploring this one too!

Consumed SIXTEEN afternoon teas

Did a long car journey all by myself and finished a book for the first time in my life

Started my blog!

& was finally forced to take my mind off of autopilot and stop just…existing through life.

This year was so much more than just another 365 days for me (corny as it may seem) it was the beginning of this new awareness that I can and will never be without again… And for that I am SO thankful!

 2018– you might’ve thrown me a few curve balls but the positives born from those curve balls have enabled me to enjoy all of the little things again and that feeling is worth all of those shitty moments.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again.

The universe has got me baby!

& it’s got YOU TOO!

Here’s to you 2019 and whatever the hell you have in store, thanks to 2018… I’m ready for ya!


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