Starting the Year Right

January 1st!

The ultimate FIRST DAY of whatever you’ve promise yourself you’ll do, start or stop.

Maybe it’s to join the gym and start eating healthy, maybe the first day of your new vegan life or even day one without a cigarette…

You might even pull a complete 360 on all that stuff and just force yourself to slow down and make the most of your last day off before the return of reality! Eating and drinking everything and anything left over from Christmas whilst catching up on your reading, fave trash TV or whatever the hell floats ya boat and staying in your pyjamas all day!

This year for me, January 1st was just the day I was going to get my sh*t together and be sure to start my year as I mean to go on, simply by making sure it was a productive, feel good day to get the endorphins flowing.

And what better way to get things started…than with a LIST!

Lists are great for any occasion! There’s no better way for me to feel in control than to write it allll down.

To do, shopping, finances, gratitude…anything you need to get out of your head in order to make it happen, make it real or let it go- LIST IT!

Ala Miya

When my chilling starts transitioning into procrastinating, I can feel it in my stomach…building up and up like a kettle until I find myself deep breathing in an attempt to release some of the steam!

Alllll kinds of different things can cause me to start feeling anxious but no matter what the cause…it’s the same thing that relieves it EVERY time and that’s good old productivity!

Falling behind on those silly little chores are a tell tale sign for me. Almost a way of monitoring my mental state! The more I let them build up, the crappier I feel.

It takes an overflowing wash basket and/or sink to finally make me recognize that I’m not feeling great and need to take back control.

Because keeping on top of all those things make me feel great, so when I’m not feeling so good…I don’t do them- which in turn makes me feel even WORSE (oh the irony).

So… I’m sure you’re aware by now where I’m going with this…

Those little things, that’s where I start!

Some days I literally have to stop myself right in the middle of laying around aimlessly scrolling and scrollllling through social media, stand bolt up, stick my earphones in and march to whichever job I choose to do first and just get to business.

It might sound silly to put a black load on when you’re feeling blue but it’s not about WHAT I’m doing it’s the way it makes me feel and how that feeling just attracts more and more of it’s self.

Overwhelming yourself with an endless list can make you feel worse so I just pick my 3 or 4 main priorities and then anything else is just a bonus (which 9 times out of 10 will always happen because once you get going you never want that feeling to stop)

No matter what it is I’m feeling anxious about, I always go straight back to basics…and just let that delicious little snowball of positivity keep on rolling!

Starting the morning with a balanced breakfast of POPEYE PANCAKES and a Smoothie using up some of the frozen fruit, Spinach and apple juice we had in the fridge/freezer.
Journaled with a coffee and a pint of water while breakfast went down…
Went for a bike ride once we had washed up, cleaned the whole kitchen and put a wash on…
& finished with a new year’s day lush bath using Golden wonder before flopping into bed for a whole evening catching up on 13 Reasons Why!


I managed to tick 11 of the 14 items off my list which I was MORE than happy with and by the end of the day I was feeling so ready for my first day back at work and able to enjoy my lazy evening guilt free thanks to such a productive day.

When struggling to know where to start with self care… start at home!

It seems so simple and deep down we all know that a tidy room leads to a tidy mind but let’s be honest we also ALL let it slip, then wonder why we’re feeling so uneasy.

Once one thing feels handled the rest will follow suit!

The Little Things, always


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