Using up the Christmas Leftovers

Unless you’re from or know someone from the Northeast, you’ve probably never heard of panacalty before…

EVERY time I mention it to someone, it always ends the same way… with the same old blank stare and me left partying alone.

The word panacalty itself just transports me to a happy place and reminded of all the homely, cosy feelings when visiting my family up north!

I mean I totally understand why I get the funny look, it’s a pretty bizarre word used to pretty much describe stew and dumplings however for me stew and dumplings doesn’t exist on this planet.

To me- there is ONLY panacalty and it is the complete definition on comfort food!

Moving on to where my New Years Day got gooood…

Mum decided to use up all of the left over veg from Christmas and knock some up! So it was a happy New Year for me!

I shared the excitement on my Instagram story and had a request for the recipe and thought to myself…oh my god…this is it…the perfect time and excuse to share panacalty with the world (my social media following) so that everyone else can share the love too!

So…Claire…this ones for you!

(& any other hearty foodies out there)

One Panacalty Recipe coming up!

You will need






-Corn Beef (for me panacalty IS a corn beef dish as it’s what I’ve grown up with but you can use any meat you want)

-Salt & Pepper


(For the dumplings)

-Self raising flour

-Atora Suet (original or veggie)

-Salt & Pepper



Simply chop up all of the veg and potatoes and boil until cooked to preference.

Place all veg and potatoes in your casserole dish

Make gravy using the stock from the vegetables

Crumble up the corn beef and sprinkle evenly over the veg and potatoes.

Season with some salt and pepper

Pour in the gravy



Follow the instuctions on the arora box in order to roll some dumplings and then place your dumplings on top.


Then stick it all in the oven for 40 minutes and voila!


I haven’t used amounts of everything as you can just use as much as you’d like depending on how many you’re cooking for.

Also apologies for the shoddy photos I was way too over excited to get BLOGTASTIC ones and stole these screenshot from my Instagram Story!

Apart from that, there you have it!

You can thank me later


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