There’s No Place Like London

The last day of Blogmas fell on Saturday the 5th of January…

The first Saturday of the year and for me…another date in the diary to welcome my favourite Northerner to Essex, jump on the train and tick off even more of what London has to offer!

I couldn’t believe how quickly it came around! It felt like we booked our tickets months ago as something exciting to kick off the first weekend of 2019 with and it seemed ages away!

But just like THAT…we were on the central line and off to soak up another day of cocktails, food and theatre!


One of our favourite places to go for cocktails is Dirty Bones (Carnaby Street) BUT unless you go earlier on in the day you’re highly unlikely to get seated without having to wait…and in a waiting mood- we were NOT so…we wandered into The Rum Kitchen downstairs instead.


FILLED with delicious interior and offering a happy our cocktail list…we could safely say  that we weren’t mad at Dirty Bones for having a waiting list anymore.

We were obviously destined for rum and neon pineapples that day! 🙂


A cocktail or 3 down the hatch and it was time for FOOD!

Me and Bryony are both seafood lovers and the last few shows we’ve seen have been paired with dinner at Steak & Lobster and The Big Easy so… we’ve kind of turned it into a mission of ours to find and tick off a different seafood restaurant every time we visit London together!

This time we had a table reserved at Fancy Crab , a mid-priced seafood restaurant priding itself on the King Crab specially…and only a 15 minute walk from away Carnaby Street!


Crispy King Crab Bites serves on Fish Skin Crackers (so good we ordered two servings!)
King Crab Burger and Half a Lobster

My burger was good but I gave my chips to Bryony as they were bland.

Bryony enjoyed her lobster but was still hungry afterwards (yes we know crab is never a heavy meal but even with my chips she said she wished she maybe went with the burger instead for a bit more padding).

Unfortunately her garlic butter wasn’t very garlicy either so still…(even dipped) the chips were still bland.

Nice enough but I wouldn’t return in a hurry.

We asked for the bill, politely declined the dessert menu and decided to hunt down the nearest Bens Cookies for a cookie and a coffee instead!

And with Oxford Street still lit up from Christmas it was a bloody lovely setting for our little stroll.


Next stop The Pheonix Theatre…to see the very last showing of Chicago!

Starring Caroline Flack as Roxy!


The show was AMAZING and Caroline Flack was brilliant!

I didn’t really know what to expect as I hear a lot of “celebrity” appearances on the west end (although they help to sell tickets) aren’t usually show stopping performances. However this time…Caroline proved em’  wrong!

The cast and dancers were incredible and I was more than inspired to fit a work out in the next day after 2 hours of  watching those impressive bods and performances on stage!

If Chicago is ever in a town near you PLEASE GO AND SEE IT!






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