A Weekend on the Slopes

Hello Andorra!

Rewinding back to February 2016, I found myself (a total ski virgin) in the most colourful coat I’d ever owned and on a plane heading to the snowy mountains of Andorra la Vella for a week long holiday of winter sports with friends.

Being a pretty active person already, I hoped to naturally take to skiing a lot quicker than I did, never the less after a good few days of feeling hopelessly terrified and out of control of my own feet (and close to tears)…something finally clicked!

I wasn’t parallel skiing yet… but suddenly I had some sort of idea of how to get myself down a mountain instead of my skis just TAKING me down… and. It. Felt. GOOOOOD!

The last few days I practiced, practiced and practiced as much as I could then before we knew it we were back home and my ski trousers were back in the loft never to see the light of day for another three years (except for a little day trip to Milton Keynes Snow Dome somewhere in between).

But finally…the day had came for me to dig out my ski goggles and RETURN TO THE MOUNTAINS!


Thanks to a pretty good deal on our flights and hotel we were able to squeeze in a last minute mini break and after a good 2 or 3 months without many visits to the gym it was just what the doctor ordered!


it was awesome to blow off the cobwebs, get the blood pumping and find my ski legs again!



I hadn’t totally forgot how to ski AND upon return to Andorra we discovered a brand new TEA LOUNGE!

Win win!


The Exceptional Tea Experience made for the perfect breakfast spot each morning, only a few ski runs away from our hotel!


It had to be a ham and cheese croissant for me every time with a different tea each morning.

I tried the hot Chocolate Chai on day one and a cold Sweet Rose T-Shake on day two but chocolate chai was the clear winner!


I was the least experienced one of our group but the guys all did pretty well at finding the best “Jordan friendly” runs that they could. Even getting me all the way over to Llac de Pessons which was well worth the journey (made up of a number of different blue, red and even having to cross a black run!) to reach the frozen lake bar at the end for a Baileys hot chocolate with a view!

(not to mention the feeling of accomplishment to go with it)



I loved getting another few days of experience under my belt and despite a few bratty moments of tiredness and fear during a few of the runs, I was well looked after and am even more determined to get back and get better!


Our cheap deal came at a price and that was the very basic hotel Somuri Hotel Vall Ski -HOWEVER (despite a rude receptionist) it did the job, it was a nice walk both sides to either El Tarter or Soldeu for dinner each night and offered a shuttle each morning to the bottom of our nearest ski lift!

Speaking of dinner- we did very well with our food finds on the evenings too!

Finding THIS quirky little place in El Tarter where the boys enjoyed a mighty feast of meat which they rated very highly!


And booking a table at Fat Alberts in Soldeu on our last night which was my personal fave!

It was SO FRIKKIN cosy and the menu was so full of great choices it was hard to choose. However we all went for their famous ribs and they went down a treat for everyone!

That and they also served the CUTEST TIRIMASU EVER!



And now…a moment for a few other little things that made me smile in Andorra!

Finding pineapple flavoured Fanta! #pineapplehead
I found a beer I ACTUALLY enjoyed!


Took the Ham and Cheese Toastie holiday diet to a whole new level!

I love finding and trying all of the weird and wonderful things and flavours when in different countries so all of this lot along with a Coffee Cola I had (but forgot to take a photo of 😦 ) made for great little finds!

In conclusion:

-Ski weekends are well worth it (to my surprise), as I was worried it would be too much travelling for only 2 days on the slopes BUT it turns out I was wrong and was beat after 2 intense days of skiing.

-You’re never too far away from a Tea Room.

Oh…and giant cheese and lemon beer is the way forward!

  Thanks very much Andorra, I’LL BE BACK!


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