Life Lately

Holy crap, life has been moving way to quickly for the blog to keep up with lately!

I almost had (well, basically did have) a mini-melt down…but then I realised I haven’t posted a ROUND UP in a hot minute…and just the thought of it made me feel all happy inside.

So here I am!


By now I’d already like to be in the thick of getting back on track with a feel good routine BUT I’ve been too busy:

Swanning around London…


Frolicking in the mountains of Andorra…


And planning to move to be able to fully settle into the new year just yet!

My focus has been on enjoying my new year plans and now I’m looking forward to setting up a brand new happy place to call home and I cannot tell you how excited I am to use this opportunity to completely de-clutter and have a good old life-cleanse ready to make our new space into a cosy little base, perfect for getting back into and hosting a healthy and happy routine!


There’s nothing more satisfying then a sort out and I plan on blogging all of the endorphins!

So if you’re feeling like you need a good fresh start too then stick around and let’s do it together!

Next stop…LONDON BABY!









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