A Day in Greenwich

Eating, Exploring and a Spot of Theatre

Reminiscing on a rainy day in Greenwich all the way back in December, I’ve found myself here…

Reliving my first ever taste of a Ramen Noodle Burger and exploring parts of Greenwich I’d never seen before with some of my favourite humans (Alex and Miya- my boyfriend and 6-year-old sister).

I kind of don’t even know how I even DARED to forget to blog about such a lovely old day however… I won’t bore you with “should’a, would’a, could’a”…

Instead, let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?

COOL, starting with…


Because what better way to start the day?

& on this day…we started at the first place that caught our (my) eye!

I was very excited to see those pink neon signs whilst driving through the high street- so Alex dropped me and Miya off outside GRIND and went to find somewhere to park!

Which ended up being in a housing estate nearby as parking prices were a BLOODY JOKE! But hey, we saved money AND got more steps in (keeping the cup half full and all that).

We were in a bit of a rush so me and Miya quickly put in our order ready for Alex to join us and got comfortable!

A flat white, a latte, 2 breakfast burritos and a baby chino please!



Miya shared my breakfast Burrito but it was more my thing than hers so our lovely waitress went to their next door “take out” type coffee and cake bar and brought Miya a Pan au chocolate the size of her head, which she then polished off no problem!


We sat for a while soaking up the bright, airy and instagrammable interior (which there was plenty of by the way, as the restaurant is bloody huge and goes back for what feels like miles despite the deceivingly small shop front!) before getting wrapped up ready for the rain again and made our way to The Greenwich Theatre a short walk away, where one of Alex’s good friends was performing in a children’s Christmas Show called Knitmas.

It’s kind of becoming a mini tradition of his to treat Miya to a bit of family Theatre for Christmas and it makes sense as he has so many friends within the industry who get involved in all of the festive fun!

And Miya welcomes it with open arms obviously! She loves it and always appreciates the shows and of course the package that comes with it -a whole day in London with us, complete with food and frolics!

She even got the chance to get stuck into a little bit of crafts at The Greenwich Theatre before Knitmas so she was sold before the show even started!


Ok so…

Breakfast CHECK, a spot of theatre CHECK…

Next stop- Greenwich Market for a mosey around all of the weird and wonderfulness on offer and of course…all the food! (Because by now Miya was already asking “when’s lunch?”)


And to be fair I didn’t blame her- you can’t walk around Greenwich Market (in fact any London food market for that matter) without consuming (or WANTING to consume) something!

I’ve made the mistake of visiting Food Markets AFTER lunch or dinner plans in the past and I regret it EVERY TIME.

So PLEASE…if you ever go, go hungry! (and go with cash)

But anyway… stepping away from food for a moment…I’ll instead tell you about all of the other lovely stalls we came across.

With only a couple of days to go before Christmas we had picked the perfect time to have a mooch because you just can’t beat a quirky market purchase or gift and Greenwich wasn’t in short supply.

I didn’t need anything but Alex got a few bit, including an insanely pretty candle from Pergola London and a beautiful reed diffuser from Magma London.


Miya as always was just such a great little “day out buddy” and was so into all of it!

No strops or moaning that she was bored, not a moment went by that she didn’t have her nose in a candle, eyes on an interesting antique or admiring a pretty piece of jewellery.

She took a particular interest in a stall selling Angora products. We turned around to find her deep in conversation with the lady in charge, feeling away at all of the different samples and talking about how she wished she had a pet goat because they’re her favourite animal, as the lady handed her a business card.

It was so friggin adorable and was just another little reminder as to why I love this miniature, grown-up meatball SO MUCH!

Ok…so…Christmas shopping –CHECK!

I think it’s time for some street food…

Me and Alex Both had the Vegetarian Ramen Burger from Pimp My Ramen which was INCREDIBLY YUMMY!

Like seriously…SO SO GOOD!

And Miya went for her trusty favourite (a hot dog)


Moving onto dessert…

We picked ourselves a little box of Macarons up from Lilikas Treats

Flavours from left to right- Tiramisu, Peanutbutter, Rose, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream and Salted Caramel.


Limited Edition Cookies Monster! I didn’t care what flavour this little guy was… I JUST NEEDED ONE! Hehe

Eventually we had to walk away from the food and stop eating all fo our money!

Instead we decided to go and put it all to good use and headed for The Royal Observatory to check out the views!

Taking in all of the characterful little houses and streets of Greenwich on the way!



This is Miya’s Rocky moment, finally reaching the top after sprinting her way up, stopping here and there to do start jump sand squats! lol

Following a few photo moments we decided to end our day wandering down to Cutty Sark and walking under the Thames!


I had no idea the Greenwich Foot Tunnel was even there until this day! It would have came in handy a few years ago when me and a friends practically walked the whole length of the Thames trying to find a point in which we could cross to the other side!

Oh well…. should’a, would’a, could’a!

Smitten with life after another great day out exploring our incredible City and a successful Christmas Eve Eve!

Oh Greenwich…thank you and goodnight!











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