Back Online!

Helloooooooo and Happy Wednesday!

I’m finally back online after moving into our new home and wanted to throw a little intro post on the blog before I get on with all of the other stuff I’ve been planning.

Just a bit of a check in and update to get the ball rolling…

 I’ve been getting into the swing of life in the new flat with no internet so I’ve been pretty quiet on the social media/blog front…


I’ve had a whole lot of time to recharge offline, bath, read, drink countless cups of everything and just really settle RIGHT​ in.

I even found myself falling asleep at healthier times with a nice quiet mind and without that social media brain buzz for a change.

Being forced to go old school and cold turkey (although at times frustrating) was so refreshing… and I plan to make a conscious effort from now on to remain aware of it and try to put aside some “time offline” for myself each day!

I’ve also had a little bit of a nightmare while I’ve been away…”content wise”

I got a new phone and in a mad rush to get the old one wiped, sold and shipped off for a quick quid…it appears I managed to do a bit of a bodge job backing it up and lost all of the photos and videos I’ve taken since September 😦

All of my precious memories GONE, along with all of the Thailand photos and the first few pieces of content I started to collect for my “de-clutter” section of the move posts.

However…it’s not over yet and I plan to do more, so I guess I’ll just have to start again!

 I could literally cry at the thought of everything I’ve lost if I sit and obsess over it… but the fact is, it’s done now and whether I choose to stress over it for a minute or a month- it’s not coming back.

So…this time…I choose a minute!

Instead I’m so excited to get back to it and hope you all enjoy the view from where Jordan is NOW!





3 thoughts on “Back Online!

  1. Awww glad you have a lot of Thailand photos on Facebook Jord so all is not lost 🙂 Happy New Home !! xxx


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