Clear Your Things, Clear Your Mind

De-clutter Therapy

How stressed you feel towards the idea of having to move home (or any kind of situation where having a good sort out is needed) really comes down to how you choose to look at it.

Obvious I know…(PMA for the win!)

But the thing is, it’s true!

I mean, I totally get it…

The thought of having to transfer ALLLL of your belongings from A to B and either having to begrudgingly pay for removals…


Save as much of your already overspent money as you can by sourcing a van and doing it yourself (hoping to the removal gods that you don’t strain your back or scuff the walls).

And that’s all before you remember that you need to finally open that drawer/cupboard/black hole you’ve just been throwing random stuff in for the past 5 years (almost believing yourself that the day will actually arrive that you will ACTUALLY come back and deal with it.)

Well, that day…it’s arrived!

And it’s completely your choice whether you see it as an opportunity to STRESS OUT or CLEAR OUT!

We single headedly create it for ourselves so only we can put a stop to  it.

We allow the dysfunctional mess within those cluttered black holes to get worse and worse by ignoring and/or adding to it!

And of course, the more cluttered and dysfunctional this little black hole becomes the more cluttered and dysfunctional we FEEL!

It’s a big old chaotic merry go round and the silly thing is… we can get off and take control of the chaos whenever we want!

But we let it grow into this big scary impossible monster task and GIVE it the power to make us feel anxiety and dread at the very thought of it!

Little do we realise, just how easy it is once we sit down and set our mind to it.

How many times have you avoided something for 6 months to realise it only took an hour once you finally just ripped the bloody band aid off?

And how AMAZINGLY accomplished we feel once doing it!?

 Even going out of our way to text our friends and family to boast about our little accomplishment (disguising it in some sort of sarcastic “Cinderella, eat my heart out” joke).

But the fact is, it makes us feel like we have our life that little bit closer to “together” so once you finally start, why stop!?

Moving out 3 weeks ago a I. COULD. NOT. WAIT to just sit down with a yes bag and a no bag and just slowly make my way around every drawer in my bedroom!

I love to de-clutter but I do struggle to let go sometimes.

I genuinely do want to make room and get rid of anything that’s just taking up space in my wardrobe and life…and (for the most of it) I’m usually pretty good…but I still find myself clinging on to certain items that I want to believe I will make use of once again.

Maybe just by demoting my once favourite t-shirts to pyjamas or making a conscious effort to put things where I can see and wear them in the next few weeks to try and relight the fire.

It always feels so liberating and therapeutic for a week or so YET.. I then finding myself wrestling through my pyjama draw and trying to ignore that practical little voice inside my head telling me to “stop kidding myself and just get rid of the Justin Bieber T-shirts already”.

I’ve tried to fight it, I really have… but the time has come to make that FINAL cut.

(with a little help and inspiration from Marie Kondo!)


By seeing if I could make a bit of money!

I’ll admit, things like Facebook Market Place and Ebay kinda stress me out BUT I had a pair of Sunglasses and an old phone that I knew was worth at least half decent money so I got over myself.

If you have stuff just lying around, unused simply for the sake of having it why not make yourself some money whilst you cleanse your life!

You’re never TRUELY skint if you have a home full of potential sales!


I love to pass things on to friends or family- if my love for an item has ran it’s course (and especially if it’s practically brand new).

If I know my things will go on to be loved ever more it’s a lot easier to let go. It makes me so happy to think someone else will appreciate something I no longer do.

Anything I know I just won’t wear again (bearing in mind that by this point there are no more vacancies in my odds and sods PJ draw) go into a black bag and off to a number of different friends or family.

In this case my cousin Megan! Who happens to have her own blog too!

Recycling always feels great and seeing Megan reuse and re-love my things is awesome.

& Finally

Whatever’s left over will be off to the charity shop to be appreciated furrrrrrrther more!

Aside from the obvious ways that having a clear out is therapeutic, it also just makes me feel so good knowing that I’ve put a little something out there that may find it’s way to someone who needs it- in a way that I… just didn’t anymore.

One mans trash, another mans treasure


Silly as it sounds- carrying out these little de-clutters REALLY enable me to feel like (or at least start to feel like) I’ve got my sh*t together and there honestly is no better feeling!

If you ever feel on edge, anxious or just need to DO something in order to feel productive…just do it. Take on the black hole and enjoy those victorious endorphins!

Happy de-cluttering!





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