A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

Have you ever heard of the saying “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”?

I LOVE this quote… and the particular Sunday that I’m about to share with you (for me) was THEE perfect example of such a Sunday!

If you read my back online post you’ll already know that I recently lost all of the photos and videos from my old phone… due to the fact that…

A. I struggle with using my Airdroid App which is how I have to transfer things from my Huawei Android phone onto it’s rival sibling, my Apple MacBook… and B. because even though I already wasn’t sure on how to carry out the task of transferring all of my beloved memories using the app, I then recklessly rushed the job!

Needless to say, I learnt my lesson!

And the moment I realised I had bodged the job up was the Saturday before that Sunday (I’m just setting the scene, stay with me)

It was the first Saturday in the new flat that I had a sofa to sit on and internet to surf so it felt like the perfect time to catch up with some blogging.

I’d had a lovely little sleep in, started my morning with a lovely little cup of coffee in bed as I caught up on my favourite vloggers, rolled out of bed to a lovely little breakfast, filled in my journal (which makes me feel LOVELY), did a lovely little at home work out and eventually made myself a lovely little cup of tea ready to take my lovely little party (and MacBook) over to the sofa and get started on a blog post.

and that’s when I realised…

Every single photo appeared to be there. My whole life (in pictures) from September 2018 all the way through to January 2019… not an incredible amount of time thankfully no… but I take A LOT of pictures ok… so it was a blow for me when- every time I tried to open a photo I was faced with an error message “Failed to download, try again”.

There was no try again…my old phone was wiped, back to factory setting and already on the way to it’s new owner. It was gutting.

I sat in front of my MacBook countlessly trying to open them “just once more”, ya know kind of like when you need a snack and your fridge has nothing to offer but you still check 7 times anyway…just in case.

That was me. And so I spent the rest of the next few hours wallowing in my loss and texting all of my friends and family to complain about it.

But then…eventually…I realised I was just wasting my energy and time… if anything I was just prolonging how gutting it was by obsessing over it and….when I thought about the fact that there’s a lot more people out there with ACTUAL problems I finally got over myself and accepted it. Besides just because it’s a shame I lost the digital memorabila…doesn’t mean I’ve LOST the memories right.

Hallelujah moment! Woohoo! Level completed!

Feeling like a SLIGHTLY improved version of myself..move swiftly on with me…

…to my Super Swell Sunday!

Alex had work until the early afternoon and I had already planned to meet him afterwards for drinks and dinner but…

Determined to start my day well after my blogger bubble being burst the day before… I got up, travelled into central London with him on his way to work and bloody well took myself on a LOVELY LITTLE breakfast date!


Right next door to my usual Covent Garden coffee spot Le Pain Quotidien , I often walk past Aubaine, admiring the floral interior and wanting to pay it a visit… but as it’s a lot smaller that Le Pain Quotidien it’s usually too busy for me to.

But not today!

Being up and out meant I could just stroll right on in and take my pick of the seating!

“Table for one please!”

I ordered myself a latte, a Pain aux pistaches and just watched the Covent Garden crowds go by.



It was so lovely to just sit and enjoy my own company.

To be able to go on a date with myself i.e. go to the cinema or for coffee (or in this case breakfast) by myself has always been something I’ve said is on my bucket list.

& there I was…just doing it.

I wasn’t full of anxiety, I wasn’t clinging to my phone desperately scrolling or forcing conversation out of anyone I could find online in my whatsapp list so that I didn’t look lost…

I didn’t feel painfully self aware convinced everyone was staring at me thinking “how sad” (which I’m ashamed to admit is something I would’ve naturally thought growing up and therefore…expected it would be thought of me too!).

I was completely content (No)…MORE than content… and couldn’t help but feel so smitten with life…with that little moment. MY little moment of loveliness in that little French-esque corner of Covent Garden.

& after a whole week of work routine and alarm clocks and keyboard tapping and teeth brushing and FRIGGIN PHONE DRAMA… the world just slowed down and my mind could finally breath…and I felt completely present and woke from the autopilot mode I so often unwittingly find myself in.

In other words it was a friggin magical ME moment that the old judgemental and closed minded me would have NEVER got the chance to experience (she would have been too busy still obsessing over the lost photos)…had she never opened that very first self help book last April and learnt that her autopilot mode has an off button!

It was just one of them…

One of them moments I could see and feel how far I had come…



And on that note I finished off my pastry, opened my laptop and before I knew it I’d completed a blog post in time to have a little walk around in the sunshine before making my way to The Royal Opera House to sit in on Alex’s last fight workshop of the day.





Before popping to a pub over the road for a few gins on the CUTEST terrace I ever did see…

Bow Street Tavern


One violet and one rhubarb gin down, topped with prosecco (by the way it’s now my mission to try every flavour gin that I can find)…

& then we skipped off to Soho in search of some foooooooood!


Our food spot of choice was forward planned as it was a place I have wanted to try for ages now!


I’m a big lover of Japanese food and this place attracted me when I heard about their steamed buns filled with marintated wagyu beef, so I had to hunt them down!

I didn’t even realise the “super diner” itself was going to have such quirky interior and charm.

Yes I’m sometimes guilty of visiting places because they look so instagrammable but this time it was accidental, which I LOVED! 🙂





We shared- a portion of the steamed buns of course (or WAGYU SUKIYAKI NIKUMAN as they’re ACTUALLY called on the menu) which came with a spicy miso dipping sauce, a portion of CHICKEN GYOZA (because I fikkin LOOOOOOOOVE gyoza), some SALMON & AVOCADO MAKI (sushi), a SPICY YELLOWTAIL JAPANESE TACO and some WAGYU CHEESEBURGER HARUMAKI (cheeseburger spring rolls basically).



I’m terribly sorry about the rubbish photos, once again I’ve had to get a few screen grabs from a video! Lazzzzzzzzy Blogger…



It was all really good however I will admit- we didn’t realise the yellowtail taco was only 1 piece and as it cost £7 for just ONE… we wouldn’t have bothered if we’d have read the menu properly.

But anyway…after complaining that I had to pay £7 for a piece of luxury fish…it’s time to move onto where I went on to happily spend £10 on doughnuts!

It’s… Doughnut Time!


This is another one I’ve been meaning to tick off my list but every time I’ve wanted to go, I’ve been too full to want one or they’ve been closed!! It just wasn’t meant to be…

But tonight…it was finally my time!


Alex went for Tiffany & Cocoa (chocolate custard filled, chocolate ganache, caramel buttercream and Oreo crumb, topped with a dark and white chocolate shard and almond praline…


I went for Stranger Rings (chocolate glazed with Nutella, Oreo crumb and glitter)


To be totally honest it wouldnt have been my first choice, I’d had my eye on their Bueno Mars doughnut or the one with cookie dough but they were out of stock.

Mine was however still reeeeally yummy…we decided to try a few bites and box them back up, go home and enjoy the rest with a cup of tea whilst starting the Netflix series Sex Education to finish off the evening.

Alex fell asleep within about 10 minutes of it starting but I ended up binging about 4/5 episodes before finally having to cut myself off and prep my food for work the next day!

It was a bit of an irresponsibly late night for a Sunday which can set me off to my week in a crappy mindset but after such a lovely day and because I made sure I’d prepared for life the next day (although tired) I managed to dodge the Monday blues!

All in all…



Even when I have more chilled weekends, I sometimes find that having no major plans can cause me to want to just slob… but now I try to make a conscious effort even if I’m not “doing anything” that I still smash the day to day stuff.

You know just like…making sure I eat balanced, drink water, get my body moving, prep from Monday ie. washing, plan lunch etc…those kind of things.

And some weekends I don’t manage to be super productive but it only solidifies the fact that by TAKING CONTROL of my weekend makes SUCH a difference to my mindset, it’s practically as if I’m daring Monday to even TRY and break my positivity!

What things do YOU feel you need to do in order to class your weekend as “well spent”?

Be as busy as possible? As productive as possible? Do as LITTLE as possible?

If you don’t have any…please…borrow mine!

Give it a go and see how you feel and if theres anything you can take away in order to try and help you change the colour of YOUR Monday too!

Thank you SO much for reading and a very HAPPY SUNDAY to you

(or whatever day it is when this reaches you)








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