A Flippin’ Good Pancake Day!

Take me to…Where the Pancakes Are!

I’m rather partial to mixing up a batch of pancakes and even when I’ve gone through my “health fanatic” phases, there has ALWAYS been time for pancakes!

I even did a post on my POPEYE PANCAKES last year- so if you wanna check that out- go crazy!

Anyway…this year, instead of having home made pancakes, we decided to jump on the train and see what London had to offer in the pancake department!

And as I’m sure you can guess- it didn’t disappoint.

We were going to try out My Old Dutch in Holborn as it would have worked out perfectly  for us to get our pancake on and then make our way through to Leister Square as we’d booked on to FINALY see Green Book at the cinema.


Then we heard about Where the pancakes are and after checking out the website and having a stalk of their instagram…we decided to detour from the plan! (and I’m sure you’ll understand why)

So…let’s get down to business…


Borough- The Arch


They had a pop up around the corner also where you could book a table but as they were fully booked, I finished work a little early so that we could get ahead of the rest of the post work pancakers and jump in the “walk-in” que… and luckily we were seated with about 10 minutes! Yay!
Que with a view
We were grateful to bag a seat inside since it was a windy/rainy Shrove Tuesday!

As it was pancake day they had a condensed set version of their menu

Here’s what we had…

Round 1- Savoury

Alex went for smoked salmon, poached eggs, asparaus and hollandaise sauce
& I went for the VEGAN pancakes with baby leaves, cumin, spring onion, green chilli and lime-coriander butter and OH MY LORD they were sooooo good! 

I also got a purple juice to wash mine down with and Alex- a flat white.

We were both very impressed with our choices, not only were the pancakes super yummy they were just such light and fluffy perfection that even after round 1, we were ready and excited for our dessert instead of full and floated!

Moving on nicely to…

Round 2- Sweet

For me- banana, hazelnut- sunflower and cocoa nib praline, chocolate sauce and basil marshmallow!


And for Alex a simpler banana and sea salt caramel sauce


Once again, both plates…YUM!

Even my weird and wonderful combo went down nicely without making my feel uncomfortably stuffed!

Now of course, 2 courses and a drink each meant we spent more money than we would have making our own or going to a chain BUT for us…it was worth it- some good quality time together over some good quality pancakes!

 I would definitely recommend this place!

The perfect spot for a pancake day dinner date…or pretty much for any meal on any day of …any year!

We were doing so well for time that we decided to make the most of it and walk to Leister Square instead of getting back on the underground.

Luckily the rain had stopped so we put our pancakes to good use and hit our 10,000 step goal all with time to spare before Green Book, which by the way- turned out to be one of THE BEST films I’v seen in a long time and everyone NEEDS to see it!

& so…

I guess it’s that time again where I end with a little “all in all”- a pancake day FLIPPIN’ well spent!

ps Where the pancakes are– we’ll be back!

oh and ps ps I’m always on the look out for new places to try (pancake or not i’m not fussy) so please do let me know how and where you chose to enjoy YOUR pancake day!

Until the next one…



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