Happy International Women’s Day- 8 Inspiring Quotes

In celebration of International Women’s Day I thought I would pop a little post up and share some of my favourite inspirational quotes with you!

Each one, a little piece of wonderfulness that I’ve scrolled upon during my years on the  world that is social media and felt a surge of awesomeness as I’ve soaked up their words.

Whether it be in a way that’s reminded me of the tests and challenges life has thrown at me and I’ve been able to overcome…


Whether reading one has caused me to catch and check myself…

They’ve all (at one point) provoked me to stop and really ask myself if I truly believe I’m doing all I can in order to be the best women I can be…

& so…

I hope they can do for you whatever it is YOU might need them to!




I feel like we all have no problem telling others that it’s ok to not be ok…BUT as soon as WE have a bad day ourselves…we forget! This one really resonated with me the afternoon I stumbled across it on Instagram. It made my day so much that I send it around to all of my friends that I knew had been struggling too and it’s positivity really lifted me up.



Just because….you know! This one get’s me every time!



I think it’s quite apparent that far too many of us (at one point or another) have lost ourselves and got sucked into ways of life that do NOT serve us. Putting up with behaviour for example- whether it be from our friends, partners, family or even strangers. Allowing people to disrespect us and going along with things we don’t actually agree with until before we know it we think it’s just the norm. Fair enough, sometimes its easier to smile and nod for an easy life but at some point we have to realise that by never voicing our true opinions or letting go of people that don’t deserve to be in our lives…we’re only cheating ourselves! It’s often fear of change that keeps us from making a stand but if you never detach and get to know yourself properly, you’ll always settle at an unhappy table!



A simple but effective one- following on nicely from no.2 this is one I find so empowering. We’re all going to make mistakes when trying to get by and find our self in life but as long as we’re learning from them and finding our way back towards our true self (or at least getting pointed in the right direction again) that’s all that matters!



This was read aloud during my last yoga session the week of Internationals Women’s day and it  sure as hell got this women smirking during her shavasana! It doesn’t even need me to caption it, let’s be honest. Thank you to my yoga teacher Lisa for bringing it into my life! I’m off to buy some plate armour!



Amen sister! One of the hardest things to do these days is just be yourself. Whether it’s something as big as staying in a job that doesn’t fulfil you and finally chasing your dream (because you’re made to feel you can’t do it), whether it’s as small as being comfortable enough to stop feeling like you have to explain to the world everyday why you don’t feel the need to wear a face full of make-up just because “that’s what women are supposed to do” – Or even sometimes as hard as eliminating people from your life that make you feel like you should be sorry for being who you are. As long as we start to make those little stands and we are being true to OURSELVES we will start to re-light that fire and we will get to a place where we KNOW who we are, we’re PROUD of who we are and we OWN IT! Because we SHOULD!



Hell to the yeah…our scars tell a story and all that jazz 🙂



Wow…this is a big one I think, for most (if not all) women. It’s one thing to WANT to be the women who lifts her fellow women up…but it’s a totally different ball game when it comes to actually BEING her. If theres one thing I’ve learnt throughout my self care/love journey, it’s that we really do only hurt ourselves when we try and pick others apart AND… when we DO do it…the real problem only lies within ourselves. Whether we want to accept it or not- we only ever feel the need to put others down when WE’RE feeling insecure… and these people are (unintentionally) HIGHLIGHTING those insecurities forcing us to make a decision. If we see someone flaunting a body their proud of- it highlights how unhappy we are with our own body and how maybe we could be treating it a bit better. If we see someone doing well in their job- it might highlight how we’re not working as hard as we could be in order to reach OUR goals. At those moments we can make a decision. We can either recognise how well they’re doing and use it as motivation…or instead (because that would mean actually doing something about it)…we can have a little dig or take a cheap shot for a quick laugh to try and make ourselves feel better. But by doing that we’re just feeding our insecurites further, filling with resentment, bittnerness and envy and we end up radiating on such a low frequency that we just attract more and more of those low feelings. I’ve learnt…that although I can’t escape feeling envious of people…I can choose to use that envy in a positive way. Even when it comes to someone’s actions seeming unsavoury…unless it’s effecting me directly I try not to judge a situation I know nothing about. And if someone does have something to say about ME directly…then who cares…if I know I’m being as true to myself as possible…then other peoples options are non of my business, just as my opinion of them is none of theirs. You get back what you put out, so really try to see the best in and understand why people do what they do- you’re probably just highlighting an insecurity of theirs…and mocking YOU is easier then doing something about it. I honestly believe that by trying my best to see the best in others I’ve started to see the best in me to!


And thats a wrap!

I really hope you liked at least one enough to take a screen shot ready for a day when you’re in need of a little nugget of positivity!

Please let me know what one was your fave and if you have any inspirational quotes that get you feeling all the awesomeness please share!





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