Homeware Happiness

5 Homeware Bargains

So remember in my Round-Up post, when I mentioned that the idea of “growing up” and moving into my own place got me very excited (not for the adult things but) to go shopping for “the little things”?

Like for mugs and toot and all that stuff you don’t exactly NEED…but the stuff that injects a little bit of joy into the room (or cupboard if we’re still talkin’ bout mugs).

Well…it turns out I did rather enjoy having to kit the flat our with the more “grown up” stuff too…and instead of having to tell everyone individually as they visit, I thought I would share our bargains and finds on here with you all!

Obviously I’m aware our taste is OURS and won’t be for everyone but the items individually might tickle your pickle and could even help save you money if you’ve had your eye on something similar!

So…let’s get on with it…

Starting with the biggest first…

1. The sofa!

We pretty much planned everything around our sofa, we knew we wanted a “minimalist” type sofa and we knew we wanted a darker colour as the floors are pretty light…

We also wanted one that could transform into a sofa bed for when we have guests AND we wanted to spend as little as possible on it!

And with all of those things in mind…I would like you to say hello to Hattie!


Here we have Alex demonstrating how Hattie doubles as a sofa bed!

We liked the idea of including copper in our colour scheme so Hattie fit the bill perfectly with her copper legs and welcoming price tag!

It also came in pale pink, yellow and a few other colours too if the navy isn’t your thang!

But in our case- it was perfect- thank you MADE!

Next up- 2. Our awesome hallway unit…

We originally wanted a hat stand/clothes horse but we just couldn’t find one that fit the space quite right. Even though we have a nice long hall way it wasn’t wide enough and we just couldn’t “picture it”.

Of course we hit IKEA for some inspiration and Alex spotted these…changing groom-esque type benches and was drawn to the idea. I liked it to, only problem was they were just too big and bulky for the flat….

So we walked away BUT I thought I’d have a little internet shop AND found something a bit daintier….the perfect match for our little ole hallway thanks to Wayfair.com



We would have never spent £80 on a coat stand but as we felt this was just ideal for us (and we BLOODY LOVE IT) we didn’t mind. Compared to other units like it, it was a pretty good deal AND (annoyingly for us) as you can see HERE it’s now down to £48.99!

3. Floor Lamp

Another find we were really happy with was our floor lamp! We knew we wanted to go with copper and Alex found this same EXACT lamp on various different websites varying from around £120 to £150 then eventually stumbled into The Range and found it for only £76.99!




4. Lantern

As I’m sure most newly “moved in together”couples do…

Literally the day after we moved in we headed to B&M for some cheap essentials! Just like, ya know…cleaning products, batteries…all of that boring stuff…


A few unplanned items!

Including this lovely (not so little) lantern- fitting in with the copper vibes very nicely and only costing £24.99!



5. Coffee Table

This simple little copper coffee table which annoyingly I can’t find online anywhere! 😦

I found it on Ebay but it’s £25 MORE than the £34.99 we paid in B&M so…I’d probably suggest just popping into your nearest B&M next time you need to do a little bits and bobs shop and seeing if you can find it in there anyway, as they may just not have it online anymore, you never know!



& there we have it!

I could easily delve deeper into even more of the cosy corners of our new home BUT I’ll save that for it’s own post and just leave you with these for now!

5 home ware bargains that have injected our interior with a lovely little dose of happiness




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